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Twenty Seventeen



As we kicked off the new year, Jenn and I set aside a little time to do some planning and thinking about what we wanted to aim for in 2017. We talked through some straight forward ideas as well as some abstract stuff, but as we started, Jennifer had the keen idea to start with a list of words that globally defined how we wanted our brand to be viewed, felt, and embodied throughout the year. As you well know, the big problem with resolutions is keeping them in front of your face all year long. So I decided to make a desktop background, to hold myself accountable to the goals we set. These goals go beyond what I want for Derk’s Works, it is also what I want for myself. So here it is, thank you for continuing on this journey with us.

(If you’d like the background too, you can click on the picture a few times and it will show you the full resolution version that you can save and use, or you can always email us and we’d be happy to send it over.)



That is to say, I long to be in balance. Hard to believe but, I too am after the Holy Grail of work / life balance. I want priorities to be in their place, I want people to always come before things, to be grounded and stable as life around me shifts. I want my family to always feel prioritized and every client to know that I am on their team 100%.


I want to be known for giving it all to the task at hand. I want the person I’m having any conversation with to know that I’m listening, not just to their words but what they’re feeling. When I look back at some of my favorite work, I know that it represents the moments when I was in a singular place free from distractions. 


There are times, places, and spaces when the normal should be thrown out the window. I’m not talking about giving discounts or doing a few shoots a year for free (though I also want to do more styled shoots with awesome folks), I’m talking about running our photography business in a way that provides for more than just ourselves. We have a big idea on this topic that I hope to share very soon, but in the meanwhile, I want you to know that I plan on dragging you into this idea along with us :) 

EXCEPTIONAL (yes, I know the image says “awesome”.. the letters fit better)

Every year, I look back and challenge myself to do better. Each shoot, each email, each edit poses new opportunity to do better. Some avenues have more room for improvement than others (lookin’ at you email), but I never want to take this goal off my list. There is a lot to be said for contentment in other avenues of life, here, I want to be relentless. 


Through it all I know that I/we are not here alone. The trust you have put in us with your most precious moments and memories has been astounding and I would be foolish if I thought I was here because of straight talent. I don’t want to simply give lip service though, I want to conduct our business in a way that shares that joy and perpetually shows gratitude for everything that comes our way. 

So I’ll start now, thank you for reading this. Thank you for your encouragement and kindness along the way. Thank you for taking part in our lives and letting us share in yours. I’m looking forward to this year, and I’m glad that you are a part of it. 


2016 Family Tree Chopping

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J-I-N-G-L-E Bells! Tree chopping 2016 at Hickory Ridge Tree Farm as a family of FOUR!

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We’re Thankful, To Say The Least

This year, Derk’s Works has been up to some new things, some old things, and some adventurous things. The one thing that has been consistent though, this year and all years, is the love we have for our clients. Actually, if it’s possible, we love you more than ever (such a dad thing to say, I know). But, if I may summarize our feelings, we want to express that we are deeply grateful.

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(Yes, it does feel odd to use this photo that was taken before Solomon was born, but we just got it back from the film lab and it seemed a shame NOT to use it… He’ll get his own blog post, don’t worry…)

When we photograph your life and your moments, we count it as sacred to be invited into your space. We love the community that has formed with each of you.

In this season of thankfulness, we can’t help but send our love your way.

For you, we are thankful.


Derk’s Works

2016 Family Vacation

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Vacation. This year was a restorative year. Not because we caught up on hours of sleep, but rather we enjoyed quality time as a family of three and as a part of my larger family. The joy and contentment of time together, outdoor adventures and watching your child play for HOURS on a beach filled my heart with rest and restored the fuel for the day to day.

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Having visited the Upper Peninsula of Michigan since I was a young child, I still marvel at it’s beauty and simplicity and the way each year we enjoy or experience something new. From hours of hiking along the pictures rocks with family, to warm sunny days on Lake Superior and late night cards and chats, the UP is a great family get away and something we cherish. Sharing and creating these memories with brothers, sisters, parents and cousins just makes it all the more special!

So enjoy a collection of phone and camera images from this year’s vacation!



Processed with VSCO with b3 preset

Derk's Works Photography Upper Penisual Vacation_202

Processed with VSCO with c2 preset

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Processed with VSCO with c2 preset

Derk's Works Photography Upper Penisual Vacation_216

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

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Derk's Works Vacation_010

Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind. -Seneca

This weekend we head out on our yearly family vacation in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Enjoying time as a family, fresh air, rest, the clear waters of Lake Superior, and some hiking adventures. We will be returning to the office August 22th.

Derk's Works Vacation_011 Derk's Works Vacation_012 Derk's Works Vacation_013

In our DNA \\ Travel Photography

DerksWorks-travel photography0604 DerksWorks-travel photography0593

It’s not unusual for us to have our bags packed, flights booked, and plans for an adventure. We love to travel, both personally and professionally. Experiencing new places with new people is our favorite.

DerksWorks-travel photography0592 DerksWorks-travel photography0588 DerksWorks-travel photography0600

When we think about memorable excursions, Ireland, our honeymoon destination, is one that comes to mind. Tropical weddings are another, making it hard to consider the travel as work. Paris was destination for the books where we fell deeper in love and learned we would be expecting #BabyDerkin.

DerksWorks-travel photography0602 DerksWorks-travel photography0594 Derk's Works-Paris Photography20140930_033 2 Derk's Works-Paris Photography20140930_050Derk's Works-Paris Photography20140930_067

Traveling is an avenue for capturing things we find important. Whether traveling for weddings, engagements, or for pleasure, we are inspired by new culture and new places. Photographing in new environments creates opportunity for us to become more creative, catering images to the people while complimenting the place.

DerksWorks-travel photography0599 DerksWorks-travel photography0597 DerksWorks-travel photography0598

We hope to travel with you soon.

Sam & Nicole – PROPOSAL

Derks Works-20160723_120 Derks Works-20160723_121 Derks Works-20160723_122 Derks Works-20160723_123 Derks Works-20160723_124 Derks Works-20160723_125 Derks Works-20160723_126 Derks Works-20160723_127 Derks Works-20160723_128 Derks Works-20160723_129 Derks Works-20160723_130 Derks Works-20160723_131 Derks Works-20160723_132 Derks Works-20160723_133 Derks Works-20160723_134 Derks Works-20160723_135 Derks Works-20160723_136

George’s 1st Birthday Party

Derks Works George's First Birthday_001

Excited to finally share a selection (though rather long) of our little man’s first birthday party! I thoroughly enjoyed every detail, smile, sprinkle and smash of cake!

Special thanks to all of our family and friends who came and celebrated George’s first birthday. Your love and support during our first year as a family has meant so much!

Cheers to your first year George! We love you more than we thought possible and are privileged to be your parents!

Derks Works George's First Birthday_002 Derks Works George's First Birthday_003 Derks Works George's First Birthday_004 Derks Works George's First Birthday_005 Derks Works George's First Birthday_006 Derks Works George's First Birthday_007 Derks Works George's First Birthday_008 Derks Works George's First Birthday_009 Derks Works George's First Birthday_010 Derks Works George's First Birthday_011 Derks Works George's First Birthday_012 Derks Works George's First Birthday_013 Derks Works George's First Birthday_014 Derks Works George's First Birthday_015 Derks Works George's First Birthday_016 Derks Works George's First Birthday_017 Derks Works George's First Birthday_018 Derks Works George's First Birthday_019 Derks Works George's First Birthday_020 Derks Works George's First Birthday_021 Derks Works George's First Birthday_022 Derks Works George's First Birthday_023 Derks Works George's First Birthday_024 Derks Works George's First Birthday_025 Derks Works George's First Birthday_026 Derks Works George's First Birthday_027 Derks Works George's First Birthday_028 Derks Works George's First Birthday_029 Derks Works George's First Birthday_030 Derks Works George's First Birthday_031 Derks Works George's First Birthday_032 Derks Works George's First Birthday_033 Derks Works George's First Birthday_034 Derks Works George's First Birthday_035 Derks Works George's First Birthday_036 Derks Works George's First Birthday_037 Derks Works George's First Birthday_038 Derks Works George's First Birthday_039 Derks Works George's First Birthday_040 Derks Works George's First Birthday_041 Derks Works George's First Birthday_042 Derks Works George's First Birthday_043 Derks Works George's First Birthday_044 Derks Works George's First Birthday_045 Derks Works George's First Birthday_046 Derks Works George's First Birthday_047 Derks Works George's First Birthday_048 Derks Works George's First Birthday_049 Derks Works George's First Birthday_050 Derks Works George's First Birthday_051 Derks Works George's First Birthday_052 Derks Works George's First Birthday_053 Derks Works George's First Birthday_054 Derks Works George's First Birthday_055 Derks Works George's First Birthday_056 Derks Works George's First Birthday_057 Derks Works George's First Birthday_058

  1. Qmb

    Great jarb… These are super

Baby Derkin #2

Derks Works Baby Two Announcement_001

We are excited to announce that Baby Two is coming mid November! We are looking forward to growing our family and snuggling our sweet #2 soon. #BabyDerkin (George) isn’t quite sure what to make of this announcement but is committed to rocking the role of Big Brother and @derksworksdog is still in shock and potentially denial!

Derks Works Baby Two Announcement_002 Derks Works Baby Two Announcement_003 Derks Works Baby Two Announcement_004 Derks Works Baby Two Announcement_005 Derks Works Baby Two Announcement_006 Derks Works Baby Two Announcement_007 Derks Works Baby Two Announcement_008 Derks Works Baby Two Announcement_009 Derks Works Baby Two Announcement_010 Derks Works Baby Two Announcement_011

Thoughts on Father’s Day


I always grew up thinking that Father’s day was about the dad. Now that I’m a dad and celebrating Father’s day, I am overwhelmed understanding that I wouldn’t be a dad without my amazing son, I wouldn’t know what fatherly goals to aspire to without the kind and generous examples of my dad and father-in-law, and I would surely be a straight up dad-tastrophe without my amazing wife.

I have a long way to go on this journey of fatherhood, I know there will be twists and turns in the road, unbearable tears and unspeakable joy. Through it all I know two things to be true; I know that I will never be able to live up to the calling that God our Heavenly Father has set before me and I know that He will constantly equip, challenge and encourage me to try. 

Happy Father’s Day, to the ones that make dads dads.


DerksWorks-FathersDay20160619_2001 DerksWorks-FathersDay20160619_2002 DerksWorks-FathersDay20160619_2003 DerksWorks-FathersDay20160619_2004 DerksWorks-FathersDay20160619_2005 DerksWorks-FathersDay20160619_2006 DerksWorks-FathersDay20160619_2007 DerksWorks-FathersDay20160619_2008 DerksWorks-FathersDay20160619_2009 DerksWorks-FathersDay20160619_2010 DerksWorks-FathersDay20160619_2011 DerksWorks-FathersDay20160619_2012 DerksWorks-FathersDay20160619_2013 DerksWorks-FathersDay20160619_2014 DerksWorks-FathersDay20160619_2015 DerksWorks-FathersDay20160619_2016 DerksWorks-FathersDay20160619_2017 DerksWorks-FathersDay20160619_2018 DerksWorks-FathersDay20160619_2019

“Forward to the far horizon; Rise as men, be strong” – Hall S. Derkin

  1. Debra Meyer

    Beautiful Benjamin! Love the quote from Hall at the end! It has been such a blessing to see you become a father and watch you embrace it with gusto, humility, perseverance and so much love! May the Lord continue to bless you on this amazing journey! Love you! Mom M ????