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Not Just Senior Photos – Ever Forward

Thoughts of a New Senior

It’s hard to believe that it’s already half way through summer!  For high school seniors, that can only mean one thing… Time to start thinking about having your senior pictures taken.  Suddenly you realize high school has flashed by and it’s now time to start thinking about your next steps after graduation.  You’ve learned a lot about yourself while in high school.  Perhaps you’ve gone through phases of different tastes in music and style.  Probably, some of those phases were are a little more embarrassing than you want to admit.  All of those moments and phases have prepared you and helped shape the awesome individual you are today.

There are no two seniors alike.  And we think that’s just perfect.  What are your epic photos going to look like?  We’ve gathered some of our favorites from last year’s class.  Don’t forget.  Be Awesome.  Be Unique.  Be You.  Ever Forward. – Alex

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