the Team

An array of cameras used by the Derk's Works team
We are proud to be a small group with the one focus of serving you as best as possible, creating specific, handcrafted art that will be cherished for years to come.


Photographer \ Lead Creative \ Artist-preneur

Benjamin, the ringleader of our group, sees the world differently; lines, angles, people, and emotion come together with artistic passion. He has a passion for giving 110% to everything he does, and an insatiable desire to constantly be creating something new for our clients. He believes that photographs should be built new from the perspective of who you are and what you feel, not just how you look on a particular day.

I LOVE: My wife! Every day that goes by, I understand more about love and feel increasingly humbled and blessed by all the people who I know love me so deeply.

I WATCH: Anything with Bill Murray in it or directed by Wes Anderson is instantly top on my list. I love the classics, westerns, black and whites, and complex dramas. What About Bob?, Arrested Development, Life Aquatic, Moonrise Kingdom, and Casablanca are definitely all time favorites.

I LISTEN: I've been on a big Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash kick lately, and, as a result, I have a big affinity for Mumford and Sons, The Avett Brothers, and Iron and Wine (if you wanna put them in the same category). I am also a huge fan of The Black Keys, The White Stripes, Cold Play, The Shins, Regina Spektor, and The Head and The Heart.

I READ: I have a few photography and graphic design magazines I love (PDN, Communication Arts, Print), and I've been working on several books lately about Bob Dylan, creativity, and good business sense, but John Steinbeck has to be my favorite author (East of Eden and The Moon is Down ranking top in his lineup for me).

I WEAR: J. Crew fills most of my closet. I really like their style and blend of comfort and professionalism mixed with a dash of "old man" and "professor"... I like that air of respectability my wardrobe offers.

I SHOOT: I have SO many cameras that I love to death, but my two favorites are my Hasselblad 500C, a recent gift from Jennifer and an inspiration to slow down and think through each frame I shoot; and my Canon F1, which was my first 35mm camera that I picked out with my dad at a camera show in Detroit.

I'M INSPIRED BY: Just about everything inspires me in some way or another! I love the architectural design of buildings and cities, the organic natural warmth of open fields, the exotic views of the coasts, but, most importantly, I am inspired by the connection and expression of emotions! I love making visual expressions that represent meaning that can only be found in the depths of our hearts.

Mrs Derk's Works


Future CEO \ Creative Manager \ Style and Flare

Jennifer, the true heart of Derk's Works, understands the grace and style of what you dream your wedding will be. Right now, with one foot in the corporate world and the other exploring artistic beauty, Jenn acts as a creative consultant, helping us give you the perfect look and feel in every image.

I LOVE: I am head over heels in love with my husband! My once high school crush is now my husband and very best friend! (I am one lucky girl.) I also love the personal hand-written note from family and friends, travel, cooking, flowers, and, let's be honest, a day at a spa can cure most problems.

I WATCH: If J.J. Abrams directed it, I'll probably be in line to see it! Alias was definitely one of my favorite TV shows, but, today, it's safe to say Mad Men and Homeland are tops on my list. My guilty pleasure... anything on BRAVO!

I LISTEN: Avril Lavigne album lyrics and I go way back, and they have a deep understanding for me, but my favorite band of all time has to be Coldplay. Seeing their Viva la Vida tour live was the best show I've ever experienced! Lyrically, I really respect Mumford and Sons; they have a deep poetry that never gets old. But, when it comes to the essence of music, the classically trained pianist in me loves straight ivories.

I READ: The random read you will likely catch me with in my hands would be an In Style magazine. Most recently, I enjoyed escaping in the story lines of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy, The Hunger Games, and The Room. I have some amazing friends who are well-read and on whom I can always rely for a good recommendation.

I WEAR: My closet is filled with a mix of Madewell jewelry, dresses, and tops; J. Crew blazers and sweaters; and the whimsy and romanticism of Anthropologie.

SHOOT: I'm quite partial to the Canon 35mm f/1.4 on my 5D, but most days, you'll catch me snapping away on my ever-present smartphone! I love (like seriously LOVE) Instagram; if you use it, too, you should follow me and get to know me better (@mrsderksworks).

I'M INSPIRED BY: I love being inspired, whether by a new recipe to try for dinner, the flower market down the road, a fabulous evening with friends, or a new challenge I have never faced. In many ways, it doesn't get much better than classical art; I am so grateful that my mother introduced me to the works and worlds of O'Keefe watercolor, the delicate notes of Scarlatti, and the passion of Dohnanyi.



Dog \ Hospitality Expert \ Risk-Taker

Juno isn't especially helpful with wedding work, but she is always ready to model for a test shot, and will be sure to make you feel very welcome whenever you come over to the office. Despite her lack of formal education, however, she has a delightful knack for being able to make you feel appreciated and validated at the end of any conversation.

I LOVE: Everyone, and everything, all the time. Please pat my head.

I WATCH: never know WHAT they're thinking...

I LISTEN: To a whistle and a snap... but if you really want my attention, just pretend you're eating something; "nomNOMNOMnom!"

I READ: Faces. Most of them are saying, "Please say 'hi' to me. I love you."

I WEAR: A lovely fir coat. No animals were harmed in it's making, either.

I'M INSPIRED BY: Rawhide! I don't know what it is about that flavor, but I just do my best thinking when I'm gnawing away at a bone!