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Columbus, Ohio – July 2012

  1. Holy cow! The lighting in that first shot is EPIC!

  2. wle

    The first photo of the series is far and away the best. Whoever set that shot up has serious talent.


Columbus, Ohio – June 2012


Growing is fun but sometimes you just gotta make room for some new stuff. We have a few cameras that we are happy to pass on to their new home. Below are some tech details followed by some of the images that each camera has captured for us. We’ve had a great run with these cameras and I am excited to see what they might make for their new artist(s)

Canon 5D – 2007 Some wear and scuffs and such.

Has not had the mirror fix yet, at this point i doubt it’ll need it.

Also comes with a new(ish) battery (in the camera at time of image) and a strap if you want it.

As you’ll be able to tell from the images, this camera loves color and knows how to make the ladies swoon.


Canon 5D – 2006 Some wear and scuffs and such.

Missing the rubber cover for the pc, data and video out etc. ports (I kinda always liked that about her though)

Has had the mirror fix by CPS (Canon Professional Servies)

Also comes with a new(ish) battery (in the camera at time of image) and a strap if you want it.

As you’ll be able to tell from the images, this camera loves clean lines and powerful imagination.


Canon 20D – 2005 Very minor wear and scuffs.

Comes with a super-swank vertical grip (and 2 batteries)

Kit lens sports 18-55mm.

No battery charger… you’ll have to get that elsewhere. (Unless one of the 5D cameras sells w/o the charger)

As you’ll be able to tell from the images, this camera knows no bounds. Has been to Mexico, all over the country and is still kicking with vigor.



  1. Hi! I’m just getting into my photography business and have been looking around for equipment. I have a question about these cameras. Why are you selling them for so cheep? Isn’t the 5D a really expensive camera. I mean I’m not complaining but I do want to make sure that the camera is all good and doesn’t need a lot of money put into it. Also, why is the second 5D less expensive? I am really, really interested! So please keep me on the list of buyers! :D Thank you so much! Have an awesome day!!


Columbus, Ohio – June 2012

  1. awwwww, they’re so cute!

  2. Anne

    Great shots!


Columbus, Ohio – May 2012

  1. LOVE her pink pants!!

  2. Anne

    Love all of these, of course! :) So glad we get the opportunity to work with you!

  3. Pauline

    Just stumbled across your page, and I have to say…Your photographs are amazing!!


Columbus, Ohio \\ German Village – May 2012


I just got this film back from my last trip to Colorado, teaching Portraiture and Lighting with the gang over at IPS. Our next workshop is coming up. I think you should come.

(past student and really cool gal Madey)

(Jocelyn – A Little ROJO)

(These guys were awesome workshop attendees.)

The two images of me were shot by Jocelyn. She does awesome work, that’s why we teach together.

  1. Hannah Michelle

    I am so excited to see these!!! Eeee. Very cool. LOVE our coffee shop portraits. It was a good week with all of you. =)


Personal film stuff from traveling, visiting, being visited, living life with they hassel by m’side.


Lima Ohio Rock Quarry

Lima, Ohio – June 2012

first dance

dance party

ring shot

  1. Jessica

    Amazing, Benjamin! Absolutely love them all!

  2. qmb

    Well hammered, who wouldn’t want a full wall picture with that cliff on their wall, wow they are all terrific!


Cleveland, Ohio – June 2012

You might recognize some of these folks from their awesome PHOTOBOOTH! The rest of their wedding day was even more awesome. I think you’ll agree.

wedding details

photojournalism Columbus Ohio

love letter to the bride

sexy bride

little italy wedding pictures

be happy :)

Ring shot Columbus wedding photography cleveland ohio

  1. Anthony


  2. Rosamaria aka MOH

    I was lucky enough to be a part of this momentous occasion, but if I hadn’t been… these pictures truly capture the love, excitement and fun that was present throughout the day and well into the night. Ben… anytime you need me to boss people around… I got your back.

    P.S. Fran you look HOT

  3. Amalia Baker

    Truly amazing pictures!! Great memories.
    We all enjoyed your special day…Lot’s of love & Happiness!!

  4. Francesca

    Yup, that about sums up my parents…lol