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thankful sale 2013-b1

On this Thanksgiving day weekend I’d also like to express our gratitude to you! The encouragement and kindness that we have received from clients, friends and colleagues has been overwhelming! So from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I love my job, this business and the constant opportunity to serve you and tell your stories.


thankful sale 2013-b2

Now through midnight on Monday you can get 20% off any single session gift card you purchase! They’re great Christmas presents or a great deal for people who like to plan ahead!


thankful sale 2013-b3


Also, now through Monday at midnight purchase any of these three prints; printed 5×5 and framed out to 10×10.

Send us a message through our contact page to place your order.





  1. francesca cugini

    Hey Ben-
    I want to purchase for a family photo shoot- not sure if this applies??. Let me know the details. Happy Thanksgiving!

THANKFUL \\ part no. 3

Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131128-137

Here it is, THANKSGIVING!!! The most thankful of all thankful posts.. which is sort of silly… I believe that we were made to respond very beautifully to gratitude. Nevertheless, I am glad to use this post on this day to share my gratitude for my amazing and beautiful wife Jennifer! She is kind, loving, wise, encouraging and thoughtful in every way. Going out to eat, chilling at home, making awesome food, or exploring the world, I am blessed and thrilled to have Jennifer be my best friend, constant encourager, and perfect other half. With love (and thankfulness),


Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131128-138 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131128-139 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131128-140 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131128-141 Processed with VSCOcam with g1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f3 preset

  1. qmb

    A terrific collection. I’m very thankful to have a daughter, at long last.
    Mom D.

Paul + Melissa \\ MARRIED

Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-068

November 2013 \\ Toledo, Ohio

Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-069 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-070 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-071 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-072 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-073 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-074 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-075 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-076 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-077 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-078 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-079 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-080 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-081 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-082 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-083 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-084 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-085 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-086 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-087 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-088 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-089 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-090 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-091 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-092 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-093 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-094 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-095 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-096 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-097 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-098 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-099 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-100 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-101 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-102 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-103 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-104 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-105 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-106 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-107 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-108 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-109 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-110 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-111 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-112 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-113 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-114 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-115 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-116 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-117 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-118 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-119 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-120 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-121 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-122 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-123 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-124 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-125 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-126 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-127 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-128 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-129 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-130 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-131 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-132 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-133 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-134 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-135 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131127-136

AMAZING PROS INVOLVED \\ the PLANNER: Brooke Lauber (Bee for the Day) \\ the FLOWERS: Bartz Viviano \\ the DRESS: LaJeune Mariee \\ the FOOD: Toledo Club \\ the CUPCAKES: Wixey Bakery \\ the BAND: E3 Detroit \\ the VIDEO: Showcase Video Production

THANKFUL \\ part no. 2

Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131122-058

Here in this second Thankful “Thursday” (and by “Thursday” I mean, “missed my deadline by a day for now it’s Friday”) post, I’d like to give special thanks for my family. My parents showed me how to love an respect each other, they gave me a legacy of kindness and joy that was inherited from my grandparents. They showed me innovation, persistence, and steadfastness. I owe a great debt of love to my parents that I will gladly pay off for the rest of my life. One phrase often spoken in our house that I am forever grateful to have ingrained in my character (and I can still see myself crying on the stair with a ninja turtle clutched tightly in my hand, as my father said,) “people are always more important than things.” It may seem simple or rudimentary to many, but for me, it’s a golden rule that gives me joy as I serve my wife, my friends and family, and even my clients.

My brothers are a whole other story of gratitude! they encourage and support me, laugh and cry with me, and most of all they like me and I like them. I totally understand families that drift apart through time and space, for various reasons seeing each other less and less… but I am truly thankful that I am close with my brothers. I could continue to ramble but that’s not my goal here in this post. I just want to express my gratitude for amazing people that I love.


Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131122-059 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131122-060 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131122-061 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131122-062 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131122-063 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131122-064 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131122-065 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131122-066 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131122-067

  1. QMB

    well….that made me cry, as it delighted me heart and nourish my inner mommy-ness.
    Praise God, the family unit Creator, Purifier, and Redeemer of my soul, who matched me to your wonderful Dad..
    As a child from a very dysfunctional family, I grew up daydreaming about being born in a different place to a different parent combo. Then as a young mother, one day I realizing with crystal clarity the “why” of my parents union that allowed me to be… It dawned on me in that light bulb moment that without them (imperfect as their marriage surely was) I, as 4th born, not only would not be, but by extension the beautiful son sleeping in my arms! Family tree conversations, are always have fun implications :)

THANKFUL \\ part no.1

Derks Works - Thankful Photography 20131114_193

Firstly, I just plain don’t think it’s fair for the last Thursday in November to get all the pressure for all of our thankfulness… as a result, I’d like to take a few moments over the next few Thursdays to express my gratitude. The first on my list, is my wife’s family. From births, birthday parties, vacations and other special moments (like ENGAGEMENTS!! WOOT WOOT!), the tapestry of love and encouragement runs deep and strengthens everyone it touches. I am blessed to be a part of this family, and I am thankful in every way for the way that Jennifer has been shaped through the wisdom and kindness of her family. I love the phone calls I get from my nephews, the hugs I get from Granny, the warmth of hospitality show through even the simplest cup of coffee from Mom M., the wisdom and generosity from Dad M., and the joy that is constantly expressed from all the siblings. Re-reading that sentence causes me to pause and wonder if I’m viewing the world too much through rose colored glasses… but then I realize that’s what gratitude has the power to do… it gives us the constant ability to see the best parts of anything and everything. So call me an optimist or a romantic if you’d like, I’ll look past the sarcasm and be grateful for the compliment.

– Benj

Derks Works - Thankful Photography 20131114_194 Derks Works - Thankful Photography 20131114_195 Derks Works - Thankful Photography 20131114_196 Derks Works - Thankful Photography 20131114_197 Derks Works - Thankful Photography 20131114_198 Derks Works - Thankful Photography 20131114_199 Derks Works - Thankful Photography 20131114_200 Derks Works - Thankful Photography 20131114_201 Derks Works - Thankful Photography 20131114_202 Derks Works - Thankful Photography 20131114_203 Derks Works - Thankful Photography 20131114_204 Derks Works - Thankful Photography 20131114_205 Derks Works - Thankful Photography 20131114_206 Derks Works - Thankful Photography 20131114_207 Derks Works - Thankful Photography 20131114_208 Derks Works - Thankful Photography 20131114_209 Derks Works - Thankful Photography 20131114_210 Derks Works - Thankful Photography 20131114_211 Derks Works - Thankful Photography 20131114_212 Derks Works - Thankful Photography 20131114_213 Derks Works - Thankful Photography 20131114_214 Derks Works - Thankful Photography 20131114_215 Derks Works - Thankful Photography 20131114_216 Derks Works - Thankful Photography 20131114_217 Derks Works - Thankful Photography 20131114_218 Derks Works - Thankful Photography 20131114_219 Derks Works - Thankful Photography 20131114_220

  1. Jennifer

    I love each of you so very much. I am so thankful for my family and my kind, loving husband. Blessed.

  2. Paul

    Thanks for posting this Benji.
    Looking through these pictures sure triggers a lot of emotion doesn’t it? It’s been quite a year: the welcoming of Titus and Lydia (it’s just impossible to look at their pictures with their brothers and not smile), Dad M’s 60th, Granny’s 90th, Steph saying “yes”, plus all the little things in between.

    Your photographs, especially these, remind me of the altar of 12 stones that the Israelites made as a memorial. The altar served to remind them of God’s deliverance in passing them through the Red Sea and the Jordan River. Joshua told the people that when their descendants asked about the altar, they should respond, “[The Lord your God] did this so that all the peoples of the earth might know that the hand of the Lord is powerful and so that you might always fear the Lord your God.” I’m so thankful for the amazing work that you do with your photography; so many of your photos serve as reminders of the seas and rivers that our God leads us through. Thanks Benji and Jenn-Jenn. :)

Molly + Mike \\ MARRIED

Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_136

October 2013 \\ Columbus, Ohio

Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_137 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_138 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_139 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_140 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_141 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_142 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_143 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_144 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_145 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_146 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_147 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_148 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_149 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_150 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_151 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_152 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_153 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_154 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_155 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_156 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_157 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_158 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_159 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_160 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_161 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_162 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_163 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_164 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_165 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_166 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_167 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_168 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_169 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_170 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_171 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_172 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_173 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_174 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_175 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_176 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_177 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_178 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_179 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_180 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_181 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_182 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_183 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_184 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_185 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_186 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_187 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_188 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_189 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_190 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_191 Derks Works - Wedding Photography 20131114_192

AMAZING PROS INVOLVED \\ the PLANNER: 4Ever After Weddings \\ the FLOWERS: Hilliard Floral Design \\ the DRESS: Bridal & Formal \\ the TUX: Jos. A Bank \\ the BAND: The Street Players

  1. Laura

    These are AMAZING! I hope my wedding (someday) is half as beautiful. Incredible.

  2. Beautiful. Just beautiful. I wish Mike and Molly the best of everything.


Derks Works - Senior Photography 20131112_001

November 2013 \\ Columbus, Ohio \\  Couldn’t have asked for an awesome-er senior to be my debut Derk’s Works senior!  He is one cool dude; crazy-smart, super-tall, down-to-earth.  Ladies and Gentleman… Jeremy.

Derks Works - Senior Photography 20131112_002 Derks Works - Senior Photography 20131112_003 Derks Works - Senior Photography 20131112_004 Derks Works - Senior Photography 20131112_005 Derks Works - Senior Photography 20131112_006Derks Works - Senior Photography 20131112_015 Derks Works - Senior Photography 20131112_007 Derks Works - Senior Photography 20131112_008 Derks Works - Senior Photography 20131112_009 Derks Works - Senior Photography 20131112_010 Derks Works - Senior Photography 20131112_011 Derks Works - Senior Photography 20131112_012 Derks Works - Senior Photography 20131112_013 Derks Works - Senior Photography 20131112_014

November \\ COMING SOON

Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20131109_977 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20131109_978 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20131109_979 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20131109_980 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20131109_981 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20131109_982 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20131109_983 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20131109_984 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20131109_985 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20131109_986 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20131109_987 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20131109_988 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20131109_989 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20131109_990 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20131109_991 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20131109_992 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20131109_993

The Terman Family

Derks Works - Family Photography20131104_965

October 2013 \\ Columbus, Ohio

Derks Works - Family Photography20131104_966 Derks Works - Family Photography20131104_967 Derks Works - Family Photography20131104_968 Derks Works - Family Photography20131104_969 Derks Works - Family Photography20131104_970 Derks Works - Family Photography20131104_971 Derks Works - Family Photography20131104_972 Derks Works - Family Photography20131104_973 Derks Works - Family Photography20131104_974 Derks Works - Family Photography20131104_975 Derks Works - Family Photography20131104_976


Derks Works - Sr Portrait Photography20131101_946

October 2013 \\ Columbus, Ohio

Derks Works - Sr Portrait Photography20131101_947 Derks Works - Sr Portrait Photography20131101_948 Derks Works - Sr Portrait Photography20131101_949 Derks Works - Sr Portrait Photography20131101_950 Derks Works - Sr Portrait Photography20131101_951 Derks Works - Sr Portrait Photography20131101_952 Derks Works - Sr Portrait Photography20131101_953 Derks Works - Sr Portrait Photography20131101_954 Derks Works - Sr Portrait Photography20131101_955 Derks Works - Sr Portrait Photography20131101_956 Derks Works - Sr Portrait Photography20131101_957 Derks Works - Sr Portrait Photography20131101_958 Derks Works - Sr Portrait Photography20131101_959 Derks Works - Sr Portrait Photography20131101_960 Derks Works - Sr Portrait Photography20131101_961 Derks Works - Sr Portrait Photography20131101_962 Derks Works - Sr Portrait Photography20131101_963 Derks Works - Sr Portrait Photography20131101_964