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Greg & Lauren \\ Married

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Kelly & Joe \\ Married

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twenty FIFTEEN

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Two thousand fourteen was dubbed “the year of killing it”, two thousand fifteen will be “the year of nurturing”. A stark contrast, I will admit… allow me to explain.

Last year we had the amazing privilege of being part of thirty-nine weddings! This is way more than we usually take on in a year and was every ounce the challenge that we expected. We kept meeting awesome people…so we took on the work; additionally we photographed some amazing families, graduates, mitzvahs, and businesses. As we found awesome stories to tell we found new ways to express the heart of what was happening in each moment. It was our goal and became our reality to expand Derk’s Works this year by hiring Jennifer full time. This addition gave me the ability to do more shooting and editing, knowing that client communication and business organization was given it’s proper care and attention.. way better than I have ever been able to do on my own (sorry about those late e-mails guys). Jennifer didn’t join the team to just be an office manager though, she is an amazing business mind, growth strategist, and visionary in every sense of the definition. We also had the honor of bringing on two additional associate photographers this year, giving us the ability to connect with even more amazing people this next year.

On a personal level, Jennifer and I bought our very first house, enjoyed our five year anniversary, and each turned thirty! Then, as we thought things might calm down a bit, we found out we were expecting our first child! I can not express how excited I am for this… I’m pretty sure I could cry if I thought hard enough about it right now. To know that the love I have for my wife will be duplicated in a new way as I hold our baby, to know that the way I feel loved and appreciated by her will be replicated for our child, to understand a fraction more of how much God loves us… I know I’ll be a sobby mess at the hospital… and I can’t wait.

Our baby seems like as good of a segue as any to bring us to two thousand fifteen. Life is a scary and daunting thing if you look at it the wrong way. If I get too far ahead of myself, I can ponder what the future might bring and be absolutely terrified. But if I slow down and trust that in this crazy and overwhelming life, God cares about me and wants the best for me, He has a plan,  and He wants to use me in the lives and stories of others, then tomorrow morning is always awesome and will always be something to look forward to. It is with this appreciation for new things and beautiful growth that I look forward to two thousand fifteen, to the birth of my child, the growth of my business, to the cherishing of relationships and friendships, to the year of nurturing.


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A Year of Change & Fulfillment

This year was full of moments, memories, challenges and accomplishments that have truly been defining and refining me as an individual, believer, wife, friend, sister, daughter, entreprenuer and now mother. It is simultaneously beautiful and overwhelming to look back over this year. As I reflect at the beginning of 2014, I was on a personal journey of nurturing a healthy & caring relationship with my body emotionally and physically. I officially became addicted to my barre workout, but also discovered a new depth of  God’s beauty and love for me, as His daughter and creation made in His image. This journey took me from a constant battle with my body and mind, to loving, enjoying and caring for the way I am eating and living to now, ending this year, allowing my body to be used to grow our new little one.

The change this year was in nearly every area of my life. Benjamin and I started this year thinking about looking for a new house to make our home. In May (and in a matter of literally minutes) we found and made and offer 824 S Remington. We moved in this past July and started building not only our dream kitchen, but the next phase of our life together! Friends and family made our move to Bexley a wonderful experience and as we celebrated our first christmas in our new home we feel so blessed by God’s timing and provision.

When changing your home why not also change your job! This summer I left my position at my corporate job to partner and pursue with passion Derk’s Works with my husband. After many conversations, prayers, financial number crunching and more, we made the leap and I couldn’t be happier!

This Fall we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary and Benjamin and I both turned 30! We wanted to run into this incredible milestones with a big bash…so we went to Paris and London! But before we left we received the most important, surprising, scary and exciting news so far…we are having a BABY….OMG a baby! Paris was filled with sights, adventures, art and delicious food, but it was also filled with long conversations about our child, our new family. It was filled with constant silent prayers of blessing as our baby was being formed, prayers for wisdom and preparing our hearts to welcome and raise this child to know truth, love and courage! Creating these memories with Benjamin and sharing them with our family and friends was truly a highlight and lifelong memory from this year!

Though nearly every arena of my life experienced crazy change there are several constants that surround me and that I cling to today and always. I serve a God who loves me, grants me undeserved grace and provides for my every need, even before I know I need it. I am beyond blessed my the selfless love and hard work of my best friend and husband Benjamin and I am encouraged, prayed for and supported at every turn by my parents, siblings, family and friends.

I am blessed, encouraged, a bit tired, but so excited to enter 2015! Cheers to new adventures, leading with love and enjoying the little moments!


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