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Photo Narrative \\ Studio B Wellness

We love working with our Photo Narrative clients! The opportunity to help capture and visually communicate their work, passion, creativity and business is such a privilege. We are very excited to share with you a local business that has personally had a significant influence on my life! Studio B Wellness is more than an amazing Barre Studio, it not only offers creative, unique and customized workouts that transform your body, but Nancy, the owner and master instructor, along with the other instructors (Cassandra and Simi) have created an environment of health, encouragement and fun! Please take the time to read, share and enjoy getting to know Studio B Wellness and it’s founder and owner, Nancy Brown!


DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_001 DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_002
Meet Nancy, she is among the strongest women both physically and emotionally we know. Also, she is the heart and soul of Studio B Wellness in German Village. It has been our pleasure to get to know her and share a little of her amazing spirit and fervor with you.
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_026
Q: Who are you? (Not just your name, rather, how would your soul describe you?)
A: Nancy Cushman Brown… owner/founder of Studio B Wellness, friend, mother, daughter, sister. Caregiver, motivator, ass kicker but only because I love you with all my heart and know that “you can do it!”
Q: What do you do?
A: I teach Barre Exercise… AKA a mindbody experience that CHANGES you. You will become more confident and feel so beautiful just after a few classes. Barre exercise challenges your body and your mind in a way that is hard to describe.  You will connect with women in a brand new way and possibly a healthier way.  You will be encouraged, not judged. (I am serious) You will have a new outlook on life, improved self esteem, better concentration, new friends and a rockin’ tight body that includes a lifted booty, strong lean thighs, ripped abs and carved shoulders.
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_005
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_003 DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_004
Q: Why are you doing this?
A: So, not only has barre changed my life, I felt a need to share barre exercise. I also saw an opportunity to do something bigger, more meaningful. My desire was to create a one of a kind space where women could come together to feel safe, supported, encouraged, never judged while getting an AMAZING workout. I imagined networking happening while bodies were changing. I wanted it to be a whole body/mind experience, not JUST a workout. Nutrition is a huge part of wellbeing and I knew that would need to be addressed. Simi has stepped into that role beautifully. I am thrilled to have her on board with us. I hoped to create a space where others with a vision to begin a new business could be backed by a group of women and help them launch the concept. Studio B is all of the above and more.
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_006
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_007
These amazing women are the incredible instructors at Studio B! Cassandra, Nancy and Simi.
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_008
In addition to being a Studio B barre instructor, Simi Botic is also the brilliant mind behind the Micro Harvest!
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_009
Cassandra is a Sr. Instructor, former ballerina, amazing mother and all around funny, talented woman!
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_010
Q: What is your favorite band/ playlist?
A: I LOVE Maroon 5, but I am a R&B/ heart and soul kinda girl.
Q: What are you reading right now?
A: Islands in the Storm by E. Hemingway
Q: What’s the next movie you really want to see?
A: Still Alice
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_011
Q: Who inspires you and why?
A: My mother… She had a very severe stroke last August and has had other health complications as a result. The left side of her body no longer functions. Still smiles, jokes around and works so hard in PT, OT and ST every day. The lady is a fighter and does not give up!!
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_012
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_013
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_014
Studio B offers amazing, special packages for brides to be! Be sure to check out the website for details and special offers! The perfect long, lean body for your special day!
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_015
Barre provides a great work out while pregnant as well! I have personally been encouraged and strengthened working out 4-5 days a week at Studio B and I truly believe it is helping me in a healthy pregnancy and hopefully a smooth, strong delivery! Nancy and team help you make the right modifications as you progress through each trimester! – Jennifer
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_016
Child care is also available for select classes throughout the week! Check the website for more information!
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_017
Q: How can people follow you pursuing your passion and learn more about your business/ project?
A: I have an awesome new website with amazing photos from Derk’s Works. The new website provides a lot of basic info about Studio B and the gorgeous photo help to tell our story.
Q: How can people engage, participate or learn more about your business/ project?
A: Taking classes with us at Studio B is the best way. We are on facebook and instagram. You can just call me! I love coffee, lunch and wine. (-;
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_018
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_019
Q: If you had something you could ask for (doesn’t matter how crazy), what would it be?
A: Ohhhhhh, love this… I would take Studio B and all of my amazing clients with me to a sunny, warm and sandy destination. We would be able to look at the beach while taking barre classes!
Q: What is something super-awesome that you can do that not too many people know about?
A: I can barefoot water ski!
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_020
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_021
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_022
Q: What’s next for Studio B Wellness and what is you desire for this coming year? 
A: I hope to keep Studio B small and intimate. It would be great to add another dedicated instructor and more classes to the schedule if the demand is there.
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_023
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_024
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_025
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_027
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_028
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_029
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_030
Q: Behind any high expectation for success is an equal fear of failure. Courage is refusing to let the fear stop you. What inspires your brightest courage?
A: My clients whom also become my dearest friends. When you are surrounded by a community of women like we have at Studio B, fear melts away. I am thrilled each and every time I cue the music up to teach. Every day I am happy to push myself to be there for them. I remain open to fresh ideas to improve. I should probably be afraid, but somehow it “just works” and I am not. I have two INCREDIBLE instructors, Cassandra and Simi. I love them like sisters and they help me make it happen. I feel so fortunate and blessed to be where I am and doing what I love. Crap… should I be worried? Maybe I am naive?
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_031
Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us! We think you are awesome in every way and love sharing your brilliance with others.
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Floral Friday \\ Bouquets

This week spring has arrived (hopefully permanently) in Ohio! The snow has melted and we enjoyed temps in 50s, sun filled afternoons, walks and well it has me thinking about spring blooms! As most may know, I LOVE fresh flowers. From simple Trader Joe’s arrangements on my kitchen window to beautiful bridal arrangements and more. (Check out my instagram feed if you don’t believe me) Flowers make me happy, the expression of beauty and creativity in texture, color, style and scent!  So I thought it would be fun to have a monthly Floral Friday Feature, where I can share some of our favorite wedding bouquets, beautiful floral designs, local florists and creative ways to enjoy flowers in your every day life or special event. Enjoy, and Happy Spring!

DerksWorksPhotography Floral Friday_001 DerksWorksPhotography Floral Friday_002 DerksWorksPhotography Floral Friday_003 DerksWorksPhotography Floral Friday_004 DerksWorksPhotography Floral Friday_005 DerksWorksPhotography Floral Friday_006 DerksWorksPhotography Floral Friday_007 DerksWorksPhotography Floral Friday_008 DerksWorksPhotography Floral Friday_009 DerksWorksPhotography Floral Friday_010 DerksWorksPhotography Floral Friday_011 DerksWorksPhotography Floral Friday_012 DerksWorksPhotography Floral Friday_013 DerksWorksPhotography Floral Friday_014

Wedding Wednesday \\ Tom & Michelle

As we begin the 2015 wedding season, we thought we it would be fun to go back and feature some of the beautiful weddings that we shot in 2014 that could use a bit more face time with you all. We plan on sharing some of these gems from last year with you on Wedding Wednesday over the next few weeks and hope you enjoy and get excited about the coming weddings and features in 2015, I know we are!

DerksWorksPhotography Tom + Michelle_001 DerksWorksPhotography Tom + Michelle_002 DerksWorksPhotography Tom + Michelle_003 DerksWorksPhotography Tom + Michelle_004 DerksWorksPhotography Tom + Michelle_005 DerksWorksPhotography Tom + Michelle_006 DerksWorksPhotography Tom + Michelle_007 DerksWorksPhotography Tom + Michelle_008 DerksWorksPhotography Tom + Michelle_009 DerksWorksPhotography Tom + Michelle_010 DerksWorksPhotography Tom + Michelle_011 DerksWorksPhotography Tom + Michelle_012 DerksWorksPhotography Tom + Michelle_013 DerksWorksPhotography Tom + Michelle_014 DerksWorksPhotography Tom + Michelle_015 DerksWorksPhotography Tom + Michelle_016 DerksWorksPhotography Tom + Michelle_017 DerksWorksPhotography Tom + Michelle_018 DerksWorksPhotography Tom + Michelle_019 DerksWorksPhotography Tom + Michelle_020 DerksWorksPhotography Tom + Michelle_021


Ceremony & Reception Venue: Columbus Museum of Art

Florist: Flowers on Orchard Lane 

Wedding Planner: Something Blue

Featured Vendor \\ The Ivory Room

We have the the privilege to work with some AWESOME and OUTSTANDING vendors throughout the year! We are excited to share some of these venues and artists with you on our blog! Starting with the Ivory Room at Miranova by Cameron Mitchell Premier Events Columbus, OH.

DerksWorksPhotography the Ivory Room_001

The Ivory room offers a loft like environment with stunning views of downtown Columbus and the Scioto River all from the 6th floor of the Miranova building! The open space provides the perfect environment to customize and create the space that is right for your wedding or party. From the sweeping windows, natural and evening light to the numerous oversize chandliers that adorn the space, we know that shooting at the Ivory room will offer unique lighting and composition options to create beautiful images.

Check out some of our favorite images from weddings this past year in this beautiful space!

DerksWorksPhotography the Ivory Room_002 DerksWorksPhotography the Ivory Room_003 DerksWorksPhotography the Ivory Room_004 DerksWorksPhotography the Ivory Room_005 DerksWorksPhotography the Ivory Room_006 DerksWorksPhotography the Ivory Room_007 DerksWorksPhotography the Ivory Room_008 DerksWorksPhotography the Ivory Room_009 DerksWorksPhotography the Ivory Room_010 DerksWorksPhotography the Ivory Room_011 DerksWorksPhotography the Ivory Room_012 DerksWorksPhotography the Ivory Room_013 DerksWorksPhotography the Ivory Room_014 DerksWorksPhotography the Ivory Room_015 DerksWorksPhotography the Ivory Room_016 DerksWorksPhotography the Ivory Room_017

Scobeys, Speaking, and Atlanta

Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20150226_001

First and foremost, hands down, across the country we have the best friends in the world. I wish I could bring everyone to Columbus and make them live in my neighborhood. The Scobey family ranks high in that bunch. They are kind, encouraging, loving, stellar examples of generosity and business, and straight up awesome people. Hanging out with them was more than enough to make us want to take a trip to Atlanta but they sweetened the pot by inviting us to speak at their photographer meet up and there was no way we could say no.

Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20150226_003 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20150226_004 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20150226_005 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20150226_006 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20150226_007 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20150226_008 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20150226_010

(Photo credits of me speaking: Graham Scobey)

For a few years I’ve been pondering this idea; I told a gas station attendant as I drove home from a wedding in Cleveland, “I’m headed home to crash.” He replied very wisely, “Our words inform our actions. Maybe you should ‘head home to sleep’  instead.” This got me thinking about how we make these subtile decisions every day in our jobs, even as self employed photographers. Our titles and self perceptions effect our actions and attitudes, and building a better business isn’t always about knowing how to work your camera better. I LOVED putting together this presentation; if you ever think this topic might be helpful to a group, please let me know, I’d love to share it again.

Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20150226_011 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20150226_012 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20150226_013 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20150226_014 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20150226_016

My sincerest gratitude to the Scobeys and to Shoot Proof for giving me this opportunity to share some of my thoughts and passion with fellow visual artists.