about Juno


Hospitality Manager

Always loving and ready to eat, Juno adds a lot of love to our hearts and tons of dog hair to all of our floors. Though she’s never been great with a camera, her interpersonal skills are through the “ruff”.


You seem to do a lot of sleeping, do you ever get tired of that?

All of the best offices have an office dog, except for The Office tv show… which, obviously, was exceptional even without a dog, but it’s very important to have someone napping, otherwise the napping to work ratio would get very imbalanced very quickly. Work life balance people… that’s what that means

Food seems pretty important to you, do you have a particular flavor profile that is your favorite?

Well, you know that I go crazy for a good steak (remember that time I ate the whole thing off the counter!?? Ha… good times…), but sometimes it’s the simple leftovers that are under appreciated and always the best… no, to answer your question, no…. I really love it all.

Getting a back yard has been a game changer for you, do you prefer yard time or long walks?

Exploration is king. There is an inexplicable satisfaction in going on a proper wander. That said, I would give anything for my back yard.

Lastly, what are your thoughts on stuffed animals with squeakers in them?

I love them deeply, but you know they must be disemboweled. Everyone knows that squeakers are the battle cry for squirrels… you can’t let that get out of hand… give those guys an inch ya know…

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