our Story

Our photographic style is fueled by genuine authenticity; real moments of true emotion with soul, passion, living-poetry, and heartfelt belly-laughs.  We photograph the underlying feeling of each moment just as much as the elegance of what is seen. It is our joy to approach your wedding from your perspective, living your day with you and creating a body of work that will transport you back to that ocean of feeling.

Our unique style is built on three unwavering pillars that shape our every decision as we look to serve you for your wedding. 

Your wedding day is your wedding day, not our work day.

We believe that your wedding day is important, you are important, and all of the moments, stuff, and interactions on and surrounding your wedding day… are important. As such, we prefer to throw out the whole business model of dollars per hour in favor of investing in you, your marriage, and your wedding day in a whole day capacity. The difference of seven hours of coverage or twelve shouldn’t be dependent on our willingness to stick around nor is it a budget question. Rather, it should be a question of how would you like your wedding day to flow and how can we best be there for you. To further support this mindset, both for our shooting intentionality as well as your event, we have crafted your payment schedule in such a way as to push all financial consideration away from your date. Invoicing, contracts, meetings, and editing are all important aspects of this business and make no mistake, they are work tasks that we tackle on a daily basis. Your wedding, however, is something to invest in, and that is our pleasure, never work.

Your photos are your photos, not our sales quota

Three things are true when it comes to printing your wedding photos. First, they are more useful to you the more you look at them. They are time traveling reminders of the emotion, love, enthusiasm, and joy that you have found in each other. Weddings are important because they are the birthplace of marriages; the fidelity that you pledge isn’t always easy but it is without any doubt one of the most important things in your life. Getting your photos out of the digital world and into printed form keeps those moments in front of you, a part of your daily life where marriage lives, encouraging you towards each other every day, in sickness or health. Secondly, we want to make that as easy as possible for you! It is our joy to see our photos out in the wild, shared on Instagram, albums on Facebook, books that we’ve made, books that you’ve made, framed prints (our favorite), or on trucker hats and mugs! Every package we offer come standard with a full printing release for personal use to you so that you can go crazy printing your photos. Obviously we like to know that your photos are being well printed, so we also provide some tips and great places to print when we give you your files. We only ask that you don’t try and re-edit your photos without our help and where possible, tag us so that we can share in the joy of your photos in action. Lastly, should you choose to make your prints through our affiliated pro lab, it is my honor to tell you that the profits from those prints do not go into our bottom line but rather to a charity organization at the end of each year. So, even if we wanted to hassle you into a huge print order, it would be for a good cause.

Your memories are your memories, not our routine

Our style is a special blend that makes our work unique and fresh every time. It leans heavily into photojournalism which sees your wedding as it was, while looking closely at the moments in-between moments that are extraordinary in their simplicity. Editorialism allows us to compose with the freedom to slightly influence the natural scene in order to tell a more complete or complex story. And most importantly, emotionalism allows us to show off how your wedding day felt and what it meant on a deeper level to be there experiencing it for the first time. Any one of these parts out of balance could change the emphasis of your photos and make them more about a pose, a location, or a stale idea rather than the dynamic narrative of your most cherished moments. We build your images to represent you; the way you are and the way you feel when you are nestled deep in each other’s arms. We have a desire to always make something new, with the new life, born from your individuality. Whether traveling to a brand new city or shooting our favorite venues here in Columbus, we look at the world through new eyes, constantly working to fill your images with content that might otherwise be easily overlooked.

This is our most cherished soapbox, it is why our business exists and the reason we will work harder for you than anyone else. Weddings have never just been weddings to us; they are the birth place of commitment, relationship, and strength. It would be our sincere honor to embark on this journey with you.