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Nick & Lacey – PREVIEW


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Matt & Kristi – Preview

BLOG Preview 2017-0401 Matt & Kristi001_

Richmond, Virginia

BLOG Preview 2017-0401 Matt & Kristi002_ BLOG Preview 2017-0401 Matt & Kristi003_ BLOG Preview 2017-0401 Matt & Kristi004_ BLOG Preview 2017-0401 Matt & Kristi005_ BLOG Preview 2017-0401 Matt & Kristi006_ BLOG Preview 2017-0401 Matt & Kristi007_ BLOG Preview 2017-0401 Matt & Kristi008_ BLOG Preview 2017-0401 Matt & Kristi009_ BLOG Preview 2017-0401 Matt & Kristi010_ BLOG Preview 2017-0401 Matt & Kristi011_ BLOG Preview 2017-0401 Matt & Kristi012_ BLOG Preview 2017-0401 Matt & Kristi013_ BLOG Preview 2017-0401 Matt & Kristi014_ BLOG Preview 2017-0401 Matt & Kristi015_ BLOG Preview 2017-0401 Matt & Kristi016_ BLOG Preview 2017-0401 Matt & Kristi017_ BLOG Preview 2017-0401 Matt & Kristi018_ BLOG Preview 2017-0401 Matt & Kristi019_ BLOG Preview 2017-0401 Matt & Kristi020_ BLOG Preview 2017-0401 Matt & Kristi021_ BLOG Preview 2017-0401 Matt & Kristi022_ BLOG Preview 2017-0401 Matt & Kristi023_ BLOG Preview 2017-0401 Matt & Kristi024_ BLOG Preview 2017-0401 Matt & Kristi025_ BLOG Preview 2017-0401 Matt & Kristi026_

Bryan & Jessica – Preview

2017-0311 Bryan and Jessica Preview018_ 2017-0311 Bryan and Jessica Preview019_ 2017-0311 Bryan and Jessica Preview020_ 2017-0311 Bryan and Jessica Preview021_ 2017-0311 Bryan and Jessica Preview022_ 2017-0311 Bryan and Jessica Preview023_ 2017-0311 Bryan and Jessica Preview024_ 2017-0311 Bryan and Jessica Preview025_ 2017-0311 Bryan and Jessica Preview026_ 2017-0311 Bryan and Jessica Preview027_ 2017-0311 Bryan and Jessica Preview028_ 2017-0311 Bryan and Jessica Preview029_ 2017-0311 Bryan and Jessica Preview030_ 2017-0311 Bryan and Jessica Preview031_ 2017-0311 Bryan and Jessica Preview032_ 2017-0311 Bryan and Jessica Preview033_ 2017-0311 Bryan and Jessica Preview034_ 2017-0311 Bryan and Jessica Preview035_ 2017-0311 Bryan and Jessica Preview036_ 2017-0311 Bryan and Jessica Preview037_ 2017-0311 Bryan and Jessica Preview038_

Introducing Photo Narrative

PN Social Media - 106 DerksWorks-006-20140517-9958DerksWorks-158-20150929-298911DerksWorks-123-20151108-321638

PN Social Media - 110

At our core is a love for true grass roots movement, genuine relationships, and good branding. Our creative process is founded upon a strong story told with images, connected through moments of significance, captured by a camera. This love for story telling has only grown as we have continued down this journey of owning our own small business. Thus, PHOTO NARRATIVE was born.

Combining our passion for business, people, and images that communicate feeling we noticed a gap in the ability of businesses to create a relationship with their audience in a way that felt fresh and tailor-made. PHOTO NARRATIVE creates that gateway from business to consumer, narrowing the gap and building the bridge.

It is our goal through this new branch of Derk’s Works to continue our devotion to capturing and sharing the heart and soul of passionate living. Through PHOTO NARRATIVE, we’ll freeze the moments that encapsulate your business and show the movement that tells your brand’s story. This process takes on a few forms, some simple and some more involved; no matter the level, we can’t wait to help share your story!


Simple though they may be, we believe in a headshot that is as unique as you and your business. On a traditional paper backdrop or something more specialized and complex, we stick to making you the center of attention.

DerksWorks-017-20161014-483322DerksWorks-228-20160922-457941DerksWorks-141-20150915-294034 DerksWorks-081-20140829-135522 DerksWorks-036-20130725-2984

In Your Element

There is something special about finding your niche and digging deeply into the work that comes with it. We are here for those moments that make your work special, so you can share your passion for your business with the world.

DerksWorks-011-20150616-249452DerksWorks-013-20161003-468552 DerksWorks-010-20140829-135640DerksWorks-012-20150805-268951 DerksWorks-005-20140327-62949DerksWorks-008-20140623-99139 DerksWorks-004-20140327-62913 DerksWorks-108-20150406-229391 DerksWorks-194-20160428-349695DerksWorks-001-20121219-5378


Sometimes movement is the most effective way to share your message. Our PHOTO NARRATIVE videography has mastered the mix of light, sound, and story. Your action-packed day carries the heartbeat of your narrative.



Two parts visual and one part brain power, we proudly offer straight up consulting as a stand alone service or as a compliment to our implementation. Jennifer brings 10 years of corporate sales experience and strategy to the table while Benjamin brings 10+ years of small business expertise and understanding. Sometimes you just need ideas and a clear game plan, we would love to put our moxie to work for you in sales, brand strategy, and social media marketing.


Our passion for brand strategy is backed by a decade of growing and adapting to a fiercely competitive industry, perfectly paired with years of corporate experience and strategic sales positioning combined with a drive for small business. Top it all off with expertise in social media marketing and a devotion to new trends, old trends, and finding your trend; we have exactly what you need to set you apart in your market.

The wait is over and PHOTO NARRATIVE is officially here, ready to take your business to the next level of relating to your customers. Let’s get the conversation started.

Click here to contact us for more info.

Colin & Alex – Married

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Tara & Jared – Married

2016-0709 Jared + Tara20160709_0001 2016-0709 Jared + Tara20160709_0002 2016-0709 Jared + Tara20160709_0003 2016-0709 Jared + Tara20160709_0004 2016-0709 Jared + Tara20160709_0005 2016-0709 Jared + Tara20160709_0006 2016-0709 Jared + Tara20160709_0007 2016-0709 Jared + Tara20160709_0008 2016-0709 Jared + Tara20160709_0009 2016-0709 Jared + Tara20160709_0010 2016-0709 Jared + Tara20160709_0011 2016-0709 Jared + Tara20160709_0012 2016-0709 Jared + Tara20160709_0013 2016-0709 Jared + Tara20160709_0014 2016-0709 Jared + Tara20160709_0015 2016-0709 Jared + Tara20160709_0016 2016-0709 Jared + Tara20160709_0017 2016-0709 Jared + Tara20160709_0020 2016-0709 Jared + Tara20160709_0021 2016-0709 Jared + Tara20160709_0022 2016-0709 Jared + Tara20160709_0023 2016-0709 Jared + Tara20160709_00242016-0709 Jared + Tara20160709_00182016-0709 Jared + Tara20160709_0019 2016-0709 Jared + Tara20160709_0025 2016-0709 Jared + Tara20160709_0026 2016-0709 Jared + Tara20160709_0027 2016-0709 Jared + Tara20160709_0028 2016-0709 Jared + Tara20160709_0029 2016-0709 Jared + Tara20160709_00302016-0709 Jared + Tara20160709_0032 2016-0709 Jared + Tara20160709_00342016-0709 Jared + Tara20160709_0033 2016-0709 Jared + Tara20160709_0035

Brett & Mindy – Married

DerksWorks20160618-051DerksWorks20160618-004 DerksWorks20160618-003 DerksWorks20160618-005 DerksWorks20160618-009 DerksWorks20160618-008 DerksWorks20160618-006  DerksWorks20160618-015 DerksWorks20160618-001DerksWorks20160618-013 DerksWorks20160618-011DerksWorks20160618-018 DerksWorks20160618-020 DerksWorks20160618-023DerksWorks20160618-021 DerksWorks20160618-030 DerksWorks20160618-028 DerksWorks20160618-026 DerksWorks20160618-016 DerksWorks20160618-037DerksWorks20160618-010 DerksWorks20160618-032DerksWorks20160618-035 DerksWorks20160618-033 DerksWorks20160618-044DerksWorks20160618-039 DerksWorks20160618-041DerksWorks20160618-042 DerksWorks20160618-040 DerksWorks20160618-061   DerksWorks20160618-046DerksWorks20160618-055DerksWorks20160618-002

Twenty Seventeen



As we kicked off the new year, Jenn and I set aside a little time to do some planning and thinking about what we wanted to aim for in 2017. We talked through some straight forward ideas as well as some abstract stuff, but as we started, Jennifer had the keen idea to start with a list of words that globally defined how we wanted our brand to be viewed, felt, and embodied throughout the year. As you well know, the big problem with resolutions is keeping them in front of your face all year long. So I decided to make a desktop background, to hold myself accountable to the goals we set. These goals go beyond what I want for Derk’s Works, it is also what I want for myself. So here it is, thank you for continuing on this journey with us.

(If you’d like the background too, you can click on the picture a few times and it will show you the full resolution version that you can save and use, or you can always email us and we’d be happy to send it over.)



That is to say, I long to be in balance. Hard to believe but, I too am after the Holy Grail of work / life balance. I want priorities to be in their place, I want people to always come before things, to be grounded and stable as life around me shifts. I want my family to always feel prioritized and every client to know that I am on their team 100%.


I want to be known for giving it all to the task at hand. I want the person I’m having any conversation with to know that I’m listening, not just to their words but what they’re feeling. When I look back at some of my favorite work, I know that it represents the moments when I was in a singular place free from distractions. 


There are times, places, and spaces when the normal should be thrown out the window. I’m not talking about giving discounts or doing a few shoots a year for free (though I also want to do more styled shoots with awesome folks), I’m talking about running our photography business in a way that provides for more than just ourselves. We have a big idea on this topic that I hope to share very soon, but in the meanwhile, I want you to know that I plan on dragging you into this idea along with us :) 

EXCEPTIONAL (yes, I know the image says “awesome”.. the letters fit better)

Every year, I look back and challenge myself to do better. Each shoot, each email, each edit poses new opportunity to do better. Some avenues have more room for improvement than others (lookin’ at you email), but I never want to take this goal off my list. There is a lot to be said for contentment in other avenues of life, here, I want to be relentless. 


Through it all I know that I/we are not here alone. The trust you have put in us with your most precious moments and memories has been astounding and I would be foolish if I thought I was here because of straight talent. I don’t want to simply give lip service though, I want to conduct our business in a way that shares that joy and perpetually shows gratitude for everything that comes our way. 

So I’ll start now, thank you for reading this. Thank you for your encouragement and kindness along the way. Thank you for taking part in our lives and letting us share in yours. I’m looking forward to this year, and I’m glad that you are a part of it. 


Ben & Amy – PREVIEW

DerksWorks-20170104_0201 DerksWorks-20170104_0202 DerksWorks-20170104_0203 DerksWorks-20170104_0204 DerksWorks-20170104_0205 DerksWorks-20170104_0206 DerksWorks-20170104_0207 DerksWorks-20170104_0208 DerksWorks-20170104_0209 DerksWorks-20170104_0210 DerksWorks-20170104_0211 DerksWorks-20170104_0212 DerksWorks-20170104_0213

Adam & Sarah Jayne – PREVIEW

DerksWorks-20170104_0001 DerksWorks-20170104_0002 DerksWorks-20170104_0003 DerksWorks-20170104_0004 DerksWorks-20170104_0005 DerksWorks-20170104_0006 DerksWorks-20170104_0007 DerksWorks-20170104_0008 DerksWorks-20170104_0009 DerksWorks-20170104_0010 DerksWorks-20170104_0011