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Brian & Jen – Married

Derks Works Brian & Jen_001

Cleveland, OH – Hasselblad 500c 80mm f/2.8

Derks Works Brian & Jen_002

Hasselblad 500c 80mm f/2.8

Derks Works Brian & Jen_003 Derks Works Brian & Jen_004 Derks Works Brian & Jen_005 Derks Works Brian & Jen_006 Derks Works Brian & Jen_007 Derks Works Brian & Jen_008 Derks Works Brian & Jen_009 Derks Works Brian & Jen_010 Derks Works Brian & Jen_011 Derks Works Brian & Jen_012 Derks Works Brian & Jen_013 Derks Works Brian & Jen_014 Derks Works Brian & Jen_015 Derks Works Brian & Jen_016 Derks Works Brian & Jen_017 Derks Works Brian & Jen_018 Derks Works Brian & Jen_019 Derks Works Brian & Jen_020 Derks Works Brian & Jen_021 Derks Works Brian & Jen_022 Derks Works Brian & Jen_023 Derks Works Brian & Jen_024 Derks Works Brian & Jen_025 Derks Works Brian & Jen_026 Derks Works Brian & Jen_027 Derks Works Brian & Jen_028 Derks Works Brian & Jen_029

Polaroid Land 350

Derks Works Brian & Jen_030 Derks Works Brian & Jen_031 Derks Works Brian & Jen_032 Derks Works Brian & Jen_033 Derks Works Brian & Jen_034 Derks Works Brian & Jen_035 Derks Works Brian & Jen_036 Derks Works Brian & Jen_037 Derks Works Brian & Jen_038 Derks Works Brian & Jen_039 Derks Works Brian & Jen_040 Derks Works Brian & Jen_041 Derks Works Brian & Jen_042 Derks Works Brian & Jen_043 Derks Works Brian & Jen_044 Derks Works Brian & Jen_045 Derks Works Brian & Jen_046 Derks Works Brian & Jen_047 Derks Works Brian & Jen_048 Derks Works Brian & Jen_049 Derks Works Brian & Jen_050 Derks Works Brian & Jen_051 Derks Works Brian & Jen_052 Derks Works Brian & Jen_053

  1. QMB

    These are superior

Adam & Kristen – TRAILER

Five Months – Behind the Scenes

As photographers and parents we LOVE capturing images of #babyderkin. George is our constant muse and source of joy, he makes it easy (along with an iPhone) So naturally, we discussed ideas of how we should create an image for each month of his first year (feeling somewhat compelled to do so by the current trend of parents and images FILLING the internet.) Prior to his birth many brilliant and creative ideas were discussed, then George was born and we found one ingredient lacking…time. As it happened Benjamin took several Polaroid images during our first month as a family and thus the tradition began.
Today we are sharing with you the behind the scenes glimpse at the making of a monthly Polaroid. Benjamin got creative and fancy with month number five, using his Graflex 4×5 Speed Graphic camera testing out his New 55 film. Happy Monday and happy five months George!

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset DerksWorks Photography baby derkin 5 months_04 Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

  1. Such stunning photos and a ridiculously adorable baby! What a perfect way to cherish these moments that fly by so fast. Keep em coming! :)

  2. Ashley

    LOVE IT!!!!

  3. Qmb

    Fabulous darlingk


My friends are inexcusably AWESOME. I love them, I love the work that they pursue, and I love taking pictures of them. Happy Wednesday friends! -B


Graham & Ashley \\ Scobey Photography \ Art to Aid


Tim & Simi \\ The Micro Harvest (we blogged about them here too)


Lily \\ Lily Glass Photography


Christa \\ Christa Kimble Photography


Michael & Melissa \\ M2 Photography \ Gethrr


Josh & Jenny \\ The Happy Family Movement \ Wanderlust Watercolors


Benjamin \\ Ben Lowry Photography 


Rowan \\ IPS Photo


Cliff & Sharalee \\ Cliff House \ Sharalee Prang Photography


  1. You’ve got some cute friends ;)

    This post made me happy because it’s pictures of so many good people…and you’re a super talented dude.

  2. Film turned out great! Ben Lowry looks bad-ask! Thanks for sharing, Ben!


Derks Works Awesome Photography20140110-093 Derks Works Awesome Photography20140110-094 Derks Works Awesome Photography20140110-095 Derks Works Awesome Photography20140110-096 Derks Works Awesome Photography20140110-097 Derks Works Awesome Photography20140110-098 Derks Works Awesome Photography20140110-099 Derks Works Awesome Photography20140110-100 Derks Works Awesome Photography20140110-101 Derks Works Awesome Photography20140110-102 Derks Works Awesome Photography20140110-103 Derks Works Awesome Photography20140110-104 Derks Works Awesome Photography20140110-105 Derks Works Awesome Photography20140110-106 Derks Works Awesome Photography20140110-107 Derks Works Awesome Photography20140110-109 Derks Works Awesome Photography20140110-110 Derks Works Awesome Photography20140110-111 Derks Works Awesome Photography20140110-112 Derks Works Awesome Photography20140110-113

  1. qmb

    Christmas 2013 was very special…these are great!


Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131204-147

I’m just gonna come right out and say it. I have some awesome friends! Not just the guys that I hang out with on a weekly basis (though you know I love you guys too) but in the photographic and artistic world, I have AMAZING friends that encourage and challenge me to serve you better in every part of this awesome business. After going through a few rolls of film that I just got back I just thought I’d share a few of my friends with you. Be warned, they are very cool people and you might need to expand your blog roll.

(above) Jim \\ Nashville, TN

Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131204-148

Josh & Jenny \\ Kansas City, MO \\ (shot in the Dominican Republic during What If )

Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131204-149

Levi \\ Columbus, OH

Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131204-150

Richie & Natalie \\ Gilbert, AZ \\ (shot in the Dominican Republic during What If )

Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131204-151

Graham & Ashley \\ Atlanta, GA \\ (shot in the Dominican Republic during What If )

Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131204-152

Rowan & Jocelyn \\ Portland, OR

(all images shot on the Hasselblad 500c)

  1. so lovely! next time, I’ll make sure to get a portrait of you and your lovely wife :)

  2. Ahh! This makes us so happy!!!! We love you!!!!!

  3. Rowan

    You’re a big thumbs up in our book too!

Ax Camp \\ 2013

DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-027

May 2013 \\ West Virginia \\ Yellowood Design Studio‘s Ax Camp

This year marked the premere of Yellowood‘s Ax Camp. An invitation only camp out, where skills are put to the test and the soul’s inner adventurer can roam free. We didn’t just randomly “chop down a tree” (though that is awesome too), we went to a place where new friendships were formed from the shared experience of exhaustion, exploration, and basic living. We “tended the soil” and had a blast in the process! Everyone went home with a nickname, awards were given, and we were all filled with the joy and gratitude of being a part of the inspiring Yellowood legacy. -benj

DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-002 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-003 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-004 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-005 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-006 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-007 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-008 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-009 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-010 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-011 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-012 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-013 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-014 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-015 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-016 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-017 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-018 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-019 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-020 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-021 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-022 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-023 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-024 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-025 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-026 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-027 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-028 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-029 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-030 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-031 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-032 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-033 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-034 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-035 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-036 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-037 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-038 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-039 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-040 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-041 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-042 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-043 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-044 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-045 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-046 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-047 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-048 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-049 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-050 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-051 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-052 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-058 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-059 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-060 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-061 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-062 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-063 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-064 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-065 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-066 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-067 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-068 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-069 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-070 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-071 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-072 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-073 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-074 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-075 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-076 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-077 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-078 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-079 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-080 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-081 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-082 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-083 DW YDS Ax Camp 2013-084

Hasselblad \\ iPhone \\ 5D MK2 \\ VSCO (film & cam) \\ Pic-Tap-Go

Adam + Christine \\ FILM


April 2013 \\ Austin, Texas \\ Adam and Christine’s beautiful wedding, captured by the Hasselblad 500C

FilmWeddingPhotography-Austin20130419-002 FilmWeddingPhotography-Austin20130419-003 FilmWeddingPhotography-Austin20130419-004 FilmWeddingPhotography-Austin20130419-005 FilmWeddingPhotography-Austin20130419-006 FilmWeddingPhotography-Austin20130419-008 FilmWeddingPhotography-Austin20130419-009 FilmWeddingPhotography-Austin20130419-010 FilmWeddingPhotography-Austin20130419-011 FilmWeddingPhotography-Austin20130419-012 FilmWeddingPhotography-Austin20130419-013 FilmWeddingPhotography-Austin20130419-015 FilmWeddingPhotography-Austin20130419-016 FilmWeddingPhotography-Austin20130419-017 FilmWeddingPhotography-Austin20130419-018 FilmWeddingPhotography-Austin20130419-021 FilmWeddingPhotography-Austin20130419-022

FilmWeddingPhotography-Austin20130419-019 FilmWeddingPhotography-Austin20130419-020

  1. Jax

    I am straight-up swooning over these. Particularly that first portrait of Adam and the close-up of just Christine. And the two following the one of just Christine. And the last one. And … all the rest. Good job.

  2. Christine

    I love them so much Benjamin! They are AMAZING! The ones of my cousin Tim and Joel look like they came out of GQ :D lol

What If \\ Film


February 2013 – Dominican Republic \\ What If Conference


( I like making people laugh with me for photos because it is an easily accessible way to get really close to someone.

The following laughs are real, but they were also slightly contrived. )


  1. That image of Jenny and Josh blows my mind!!!!! These are all so great!! Miss you guys fiercely. xoxox



Hasselblad 500C \\ I got some film back today, more of a blog on that soon to come, but I wanted to post this photo today along with this thought that I have been encouraged to be mulling over; there is peace, kindness and beauty in each moment. I’m looking forward to spending some time this weekend doing nothing more than enjoying some moments. Happy weekend friends.