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Yellowood Design \\ The Axe Process

DERKSWORKS-YWD-Columbus Ohio-001

December 2012 – Columbus, Ohio \\ Yellowood Design Studio \\ YDS on facebook

With this blog post, here in the new year I am starting a series on people who are passionate about what they do. Benjamin and Cori are, by far, the most exemplary people I know with this quality. I am proud to be able to show off to you, their artistic talent and passion that has manifested itself into such an awesome company! Their niche (as best I can describe it) is to craft beautiful pieces of rural awesomeness for the modern urban dweller. One extremely awesome aspect of which, is their line of custom restored vintage axes! If this appeals to you in the slightest, you owe it to yourself to order one… they are AMAZING. This shoot represents only part of the hand crafting labor that goes into each of these unique pieces.

DERKSWORKS-YWD-Columbus Ohio-002 DERKSWORKS-YWD-Columbus Ohio-003 DERKSWORKS-YWD-Columbus Ohio-004 DERKSWORKS-YWD-Columbus Ohio-005 DERKSWORKS-YWD-Columbus Ohio-006 DERKSWORKS-YWD-Columbus Ohio-007 DERKSWORKS-YWD-Columbus Ohio-008 DERKSWORKS-YWD-Columbus Ohio-009 DERKSWORKS-YWD-Columbus Ohio-010 DERKSWORKS-YWD-Columbus Ohio-011 DERKSWORKS-YWD-Columbus Ohio-012 DERKSWORKS-YWD-Columbus Ohio-013 DERKSWORKS-YWD-Columbus Ohio-014 DERKSWORKS-YWD-Columbus Ohio-015 DERKSWORKS-YWD-Columbus Ohio-016 DERKSWORKS-YWD-Columbus Ohio-017 DERKSWORKS-YWD-Columbus Ohio-018 DERKSWORKS-YWD-Columbus Ohio-019 DERKSWORKS-YWD-Columbus Ohio-020 DERKSWORKS-YWD-Columbus Ohio-021 DERKSWORKS-YWD-Columbus Ohio-022 DERKSWORKS-YWD-Columbus Ohio-023 DERKSWORKS-YWD-Columbus Ohio-024 DERKSWORKS-YWD-Columbus Ohio-025 DERKSWORKS-YWD-Columbus Ohio-026 DERKSWORKS-YWD-Columbus Ohio-027 DERKSWORKS-YWD-Columbus Ohio-028 DERKSWORKS-YWD-Columbus Ohio-029 DERKSWORKS-YWD-Columbus Ohio-030 DERKSWORKS-YWD-Columbus Ohio-031 DERKSWORKS-YWD-Columbus Ohio-032

  1. Love those two people. Keep it up Ben and Cori!

  2. sexy metal! seriously, i’m diggin’ the ax duo.