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Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131017-044

September 2013 \\ Manitou Springs, CO \\ Beyond being my good friends, Rowan, Jocelyn, and their new baby Lewis are some of the coolest people ever. Jocelyn has a pretty awesome blog, which you should check out if you’re into that kinda thing, Rowan lets me teach workshops with him and… as far as I can tell Lewis just smiles and fills diapers… but I still think he’s pretty awesome.

Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131017-045 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131017-046 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131017-047 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131017-048 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131017-049 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131017-050 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131017-051 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131017-052 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131017-053

This shoot was part of our fantastic Portraiture & Lighting workshop. I’m super-proud of the fantastic group of photographers that joined us for a killer week long adventure.

Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131017-054 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131017-055 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131017-056

Duc did some video through out the week. I can’t wait to make a video from it all!

Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131017-057

Fall IPS \\ Film


IPS \\ Hasselblad 500C

ColumbusPhotographer-IPS-FILM20130125-002 ColumbusPhotographer-IPS-FILM20130125-003 ColumbusPhotographer-IPS-FILM20130125-004 ColumbusPhotographer-IPS-FILM20130125-005 ColumbusPhotographer-IPS-FILM20130125-006 ColumbusPhotographer-IPS-FILM20130125-007 ColumbusPhotographer-IPS-FILM20130125-008 ColumbusPhotographer-IPS-FILM20130125-009 ColumbusPhotographer-IPS-FILM20130125-010

  1. You make pretty photos.

  2. Duc

    These are awesome Derks! Completely forgot that you took one of me.


I just got this film back from my last trip to Colorado, teaching Portraiture and Lighting with the gang over at IPS. Our next workshop is coming up. I think you should come.

(past student and really cool gal Madey)

(Jocelyn – A Little ROJO)

(These guys were awesome workshop attendees.)

The two images of me were shot by Jocelyn. She does awesome work, that’s why we teach together.

  1. Hannah Michelle

    I am so excited to see these!!! Eeee. Very cool. LOVE our coffee shop portraits. It was a good week with all of you. =)


These are my friends. We teach photography together. They are awesome. If you don’t hire me to shoot your wedding you should hire them.

And this is our latest workshop of photographers. If you want some good photography teach’n, go here, here, and for an AWESOME summer project go HERE.

  1. yay for Rowan & Jocelyn! love all of the photos of them. annnd, of course, IPS has a special place in my heart! way to keep rocking it, and being the awesomest photography workshops ever! :)

  2. You’re cool! Thanks for making us look so good!

  3. Hannah Michelle

    So fun to see these! Cool pictures and cool people. I look like I don’t own a camera. :P Aaaand the world’s funniest joke…. hahahaha.