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Laughter Encouraged \\ PHOTOBOOTH


Admit it.  You want to go crazy and wave your hands like you just don’t care in front of a camera with silly props.  (maybe with a friend, or a complete stranger… we don’t judge)  My name is Alex, and as a part of the Derk’s Works team, I am the main PHOTOBOOTH photographer.  The PHOTOBOOTH is insanely fun, and a great way to turn a party, into a “PAR-TAY!” 

So grab a friend, a crazy prop, perhaps a drink (or two…), and with a little coaching we’ll make some hilarious, awesome pictures together!

The PHOTOBOOTH is a great way to have fun with friends and make lasting memories of a special time.  PHOTOBOOTH brings out the zany side in everyone… even Grampa and your insane Uncle Chuck.  (You know, Uncle Chuck… the one who still wears the 80’s sweaters and still uses the VCR to record his TV shows.)

Here are a couple of my favorites from 2012.  There are plenty more over HERE!

DerksWorksPHOTOBOOTH-2012-2013-002 DerksWorksPHOTOBOOTH-2012-2013-003 DerksWorksPHOTOBOOTH-2012-2013-004 DerksWorksPHOTOBOOTH-2012-2013-005 DerksWorksPHOTOBOOTH-2012-2013-006 DerksWorksPHOTOBOOTH-2012-2013-007 DerksWorksPHOTOBOOTH-2012-2013-008 DerksWorksPHOTOBOOTH-2012-2013-009 DerksWorksPHOTOBOOTH-2012-2013-010 DerksWorksPHOTOBOOTH-2012-2013-011 DerksWorksPHOTOBOOTH-2012-2013-012 DerksWorksPHOTOBOOTH-2012-2013-013 DerksWorksPHOTOBOOTH-2012-2013-014 DerksWorksPHOTOBOOTH-2012-2013-015 DerksWorksPHOTOBOOTH-2012-2013-016

Want to learn more and have Derk’s Works shoot a PHOTOBOOTH for you??? “YES of course!  What kind of question is that!?!?”  Drop us a line at or check out our main webpage at