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August, 2012 – Lake Superior, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

(I call that set, Trees in the Middle)

(The crew)

This is the light leak you see in a lot of these pictures. I thought I had it fixed… clearly not. I think it works in some of these frames but, I’m pretty sure it needs to be fixed. If you know what the problem is, please feel free to offer suggestions.

Littering doesn’t happen often up there… but when it does, I guess it stays put for a WHILE!

Birthday pancakes from m’dad.

(Shot that lighthouse just for you mom.)

Jumping off the bridge is quite the big deal. I did it for the first time this year. Matt and Josh are much braver than I am.

Lunch with Joel at Katalina (if you’ve never been… it’s a MUST.)

Alex picked up a Speed Graphic the other day… That camera is awesome.


  1. Ben K

    love it! Each year you still manage to get new angles that will tell the story for years to come! Thanks Benj!