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July, 2013 \\ Columbus, Ohio \\ All Together Now

These two girls are not only awesome to hang out with and extremely talented artists but they also pour their complete heart and soul into their work, clients, and craft. Their business, All Together Now, is a creative, fun, and personal event designing and party planning idea factory! They’ll help you think through all the details, stay on top of your vendor relationships, organize your timetable, to-do list and probably even your sock drawer. Lindsay (left) has a design background and will give you the most beautiful version of what you’ve asked for. Marti (right) is a big picture idea generator paired with a background in production, making her your perfect ally in getting things done. Together they’ll rock the house and give you the gift of enjoying your party as much as your guests.

To my friends who like parties, are getting married, or need some festive ideas these two are your perfect answer. To my professional friends, colleagues, and contemporaries, I encourage you to get to know these guys. The collaborative potential of working with people who love their work as much as these two, will result in an unstoppable party.

To anyone who wants to meet Marti and Lindsay and see a little more of their style (and I know that’s all of you…), you should check out Make My Day. Hosted by All Together Now, it is going to be the best, most fun, awesome-est, and all out inspiring wedding show in all of Ohio.

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  1. qmb

    very nice!!

  2. these girls rock! and while perusing your site i said “HEY!” and realized i know alex your assistant photographer! i had a photo class with him a while back. hi, alex!