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Remember This Moment // Proposal Photography

DerksWorks20160722-002 DerksWorks20130815-110For many of our clients, we have had the opportunity to capture their relationship from the beginning through photography. Engagement sessions, the walk down the aisle, even watching their family grow and photographing the evolution of their love is one of our favorite things.

Sometimes, we even get to be a part of the moment where the rest of forever begins. We LOVE proposal shoots as they are full of surprise and unexpected emotion. These rare and special moments are fun to witness and we are honored when a client asks us to join them on that day.

DerksWorks20160430-024DerksWorks20160617-011 DerksWorks20160617-012

One reason our past clients loved the idea of having a photographer at their proposal is because they knew they wanted to be able to look back on this special day.

First it starts with the planning. “The usual: ring shopping, talking to her dad months in advance, deciding on the time, place, and method. I chose the upper peninsula of Michigan because it is one of her favorite places and proposing during a routine ‘couple’s photo shoot,’ she wouldn’t see it coming.” Paul, a Derk’s Works groom, thought of every detail. “The best part of preparation for proposing was the intrigue. Early in our dating, we had an agreement that I had the right to not tell her the truth if she asked me poignant questions about proposing.” Coordinating the proposal with Paul was half the excitement of their special day.

DerksWorks20160617-007 DerksWorks20160722-003DerksWorks20130815-103

Though Paul had a vision of what he wanted his day to look like, some grooms come with the goal and we help with the details. “Benjamin was phenomenal. He made my experience so easy and comfortable… He was helpful and a great guide [for] ideas and thoughts. He’s a true professional in every sense of the word. He brings so many creative and thoughtful ideas to the table [while honoring] your personal story. I knew I was in the right place speaking openly with him about my family and what [the] proposal meant to me.” Another DW groom, Dillon, brought his enthusiasm and love for his future bride and we helped solidify a plan.

DerksWorks20160430-023 DerksWorks20160617-018 DerksWorks20160617-013 DerksWorks20160430-034

When the time comes to get down on one knee, we know that we can expect lots of love, sometimes tears, and smiles all around. Stephanie, a DW bride, was so excited when she found out her, at the time, boyfriend, thought to have the moment photographed. “It showed me how excited [Paul] was about marrying me. It made me feel incredibly special that my fiancé wanted that moment to be something neither of us would forget. The images taken at our proposal are a beautiful reminder of the beginning of our marriage journey, and when I look at them they remind me of the joy and appreciation our marriage is built upon.”

DerksWorks20130815-104 DerksWorks20130815-116 DerksWorks20160722-004The images that we take of this special moment are a visual representation of the love that two people share. We are honored when we get to be a part of a proposal. Everything it represents: love, relationship, commitment, and intimacy. All of those things our “bread and butter.”

If you are planning on popping the question, we would love to help you remember that day forever. Let us know if we can help.


Thank you to our dear clients, Paul, Stephanie, and Dillon for sharing their Derk’s Works stories.


Derk’s Works 2016 Gift Guide

Is there someone on your shopping list that you are having the hardest time finding a gift for? It happens to all of us and frankly we think this is holiday injustice. We want to alleviate your shopping stress so you can spend more time with family and friends. We have compiled a few incredible products that we think will solve all of your shopping woes.


First is a list of a few “Justin and Jimmy” inspired gifts that will surely knock the stockings off your loved ones. We guarantee it.*

*We actually don’t guarantee it because these gifts are ridiculous. Awesome. But ridiculous.


Fuji X-Pro2 – $1,549

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 3.54.03 PM copy

Limited Edition @DerksWorksDog Mug – $20

christmas gift guide derk's works

Contact us here to order!


Marshmallow Crossbow – SALE! $69.98Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 4.12.46 PM


On a more realistic note, we have some other ideas that might Santa-suit your fancy.


The Campfire Experience \\ An Outdoor Adventure – $159

DerksWorks20151108-001 DerksWorks20151108-002


Yellowood Design Heat Test Hat – $20



Chasing Grace Luxe Jewelry – Starting at $38

DerksWorks20160628-005 DerksWorks20160628-006

Derk’s Works 16 x 24 Framed Print – $310

DerksWorks20150326-004 DerksWorks20150326-003  DerksWorks20160920-001

Choose an image from a past shoot or one of our four original featured holiday prints pictured below.

Option 1


Option 2


Option 3


Option 4


Contact us here to order!


Derk’s Works Photo Book


Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset

Photo Book Pricing

7 x 7, up to 150 images – $150

7 x 7, 151 to 400 images – $300

7 x 7, 2 book set – $500

12 x 12, up to 150 images – $300

12 x 12, 151 to 400 images – $650

12 x 12, 2 book set – $1250

Images from past shoots with Derk’s Works will be used to create photo books.

Contact us here to order!




We’re Thankful, To Say The Least

This year, Derk’s Works has been up to some new things, some old things, and some adventurous things. The one thing that has been consistent though, this year and all years, is the love we have for our clients. Actually, if it’s possible, we love you more than ever (such a dad thing to say, I know). But, if I may summarize our feelings, we want to express that we are deeply grateful.

View More:

(Yes, it does feel odd to use this photo that was taken before Solomon was born, but we just got it back from the film lab and it seemed a shame NOT to use it… He’ll get his own blog post, don’t worry…)

When we photograph your life and your moments, we count it as sacred to be invited into your space. We love the community that has formed with each of you.

In this season of thankfulness, we can’t help but send our love your way.

For you, we are thankful.


Derk’s Works

Hi, I’m Eva

DerksWorks20160922-001Hello good people. I’m Eva, the social media manager at Derk’s Works. I want to take a few minutes to introduce myself since I’ve been around for a bit.

A few years ago, I met Ben and Jenn: power couple. Seriously, they are great. I am not sure if I’ve ever met two people more suited for each other in so many situations. They handle marriage, parenthood, and business with such grace and confidence and they do so together.

Earlier this year, I started a small business for marketing and brand development called New Yorkers Chew Gum. Before I dove into the development of my business, I met with Ben and Jenn to get their input. After a few cups of coffee (Ben makes a mean pour-over, fyi) and many scattered ideas about my vision, I was encouraged by their excitement for me and their eagerness to be a part of what I was doing. More conversations led to Derk’s Works becoming my first client and, boy, it’s been the best.

DerksWorks20160922-002We began to strategize about social media, blogs, and some secret projects (more on that later). My favorite part, though, has been working with people who love people. In all they do, they always, ALWAYS, ask how their decisions will impact their clients. Similarly, I have been able to understand Derk’s Works in the same way through developing their social content.

DerksWorks20160922-003DerksWorks20160922-004I have loved these past few months and am so excited to keep cookin’ up more with Derk’s Works.

If you are reading this and saying, “HELLO I LOVE PEOPLE TOO!” then let’s chat about work we can do together.


In our DNA \\ Travel Photography

DerksWorks-travel photography0604 DerksWorks-travel photography0593

It’s not unusual for us to have our bags packed, flights booked, and plans for an adventure. We love to travel, both personally and professionally. Experiencing new places with new people is our favorite.

DerksWorks-travel photography0592 DerksWorks-travel photography0588 DerksWorks-travel photography0600

When we think about memorable excursions, Ireland, our honeymoon destination, is one that comes to mind. Tropical weddings are another, making it hard to consider the travel as work. Paris was destination for the books where we fell deeper in love and learned we would be expecting #BabyDerkin.

DerksWorks-travel photography0602 DerksWorks-travel photography0594 Derk's Works-Paris Photography20140930_033 2 Derk's Works-Paris Photography20140930_050Derk's Works-Paris Photography20140930_067

Traveling is an avenue for capturing things we find important. Whether traveling for weddings, engagements, or for pleasure, we are inspired by new culture and new places. Photographing in new environments creates opportunity for us to become more creative, catering images to the people while complimenting the place.

DerksWorks-travel photography0599 DerksWorks-travel photography0597 DerksWorks-travel photography0598

We hope to travel with you soon.

Featured Vendor \\ Sunny Meadows Flower Farm

Derks Works Photography Sunny Meadows Flower Farm_001

Last Friday I had the opportunity to spend time at Sunny Meadows Flower Farm. Sunny Meadows grows sustainable, beautiful, seasonal blooms just outside of downtown Columbus. They provide stunning floral design for weddings and events and we are excited to be partnering with them for our upcoming styled shoot at the High Line Car House next week.

Derks Works Photography Sunny Meadows Flower Farm_002 Derks Works Photography Sunny Meadows Flower Farm_003 Derks Works Photography Sunny Meadows Flower Farm_004 Derks Works Photography Sunny Meadows Flower Farm_005 Derks Works Photography Sunny Meadows Flower Farm_006 Derks Works Photography Sunny Meadows Flower Farm_007 Derks Works Photography Sunny Meadows Flower Farm_008

Walking through the greenhouses with Gretel of Sunny Meadows Flower Farm and Katie Werkin (Chancey Charm Wedding Planner) on a warm, sunny spring day was one of the highlights of my week. Gretel, Steve and the farm team are clearly passionate and skilled! They tenderly grow thousands of blooms from seeds and work hard to exceed their clients needs and expectations. Be sure to check out their amazing work and follow along on Facebook and Instagram (@flowerfarmette & @flowerfarmer) and enjoy a small collection of images from our time on the farm!

Derks Works Photography Sunny Meadows Flower Farm_009 Derks Works Photography Sunny Meadows Flower Farm_010 Derks Works Photography Sunny Meadows Flower Farm_011 Derks Works Photography Sunny Meadows Flower Farm_012 Derks Works Photography Sunny Meadows Flower Farm_013 Derks Works Photography Sunny Meadows Flower Farm_014 Derks Works Photography Sunny Meadows Flower Farm_015 Derks Works Photography Sunny Meadows Flower Farm_016 Derks Works Photography Sunny Meadows Flower Farm_017 Derks Works Photography Sunny Meadows Flower Farm_018 Derks Works Photography Sunny Meadows Flower Farm_019 Derks Works Photography Sunny Meadows Flower Farm_020 Derks Works Photography Sunny Meadows Flower Farm_021



Simi Botic \\ 7 Tips to look and feel your best for your shoot

Today’s post is one to save! We are so excited to share with you some great tips to help you look and feel your best for your wedding day, family shoot, engagement session and more.

Simi is not only a dear friend, but has been my personal health coach! Her expertise and support have truly helped me and I am so happy to be sharing her voice and thoughts today on our blog. So as you prepare for your upcoming photoshoot be sure to review these ideas (#7 is a must!) and check out Simi’s blog for more healthy tips and ideas!

Processed with VSCOcam with b3 preset

7 Tips To Look & Feel Your Best For Your Photo Shoot – Simi Botic

So, you found the perfect photographer and booked your photo session… now what?! If you’re not a professional model (few of us are!), the pressure to look your best in the images can be a bit overwhelming! To help you prepare for your Derk’s Works photo shoot, here are 7 tips that will help you look and feel your best on your special day (make sure you read until the end, because we saved the best for last):

Derks Works Photography Best Self - Simi Biotic_002

#1 – Hydrate

During the days leading up to the photo shoot, one of the best things you can do is hydrate (boo, coffee and wine don’t count). Try warm water with lemon in the morning and refilling an icy cold water bottle throughout the day. This will help your body release toxins, eliminate bloating, keep skin clear, and brighten your eyes!

Derks Works Photography Best Self - Simi Biotic_004 Derks Works Photography Best Self - Simi Biotic_003

#2 – Sleep

Not only will sleep reduce under eye bags, but a restful night will also help you to feel calm on your big day. If you’re not regularly in front of the camera, a photo shoot can feel unknown and a bit stressful. Showing up rested will help you to relax more easily, so you aren’t on edge.

Derks Works Photography Best Self - Simi Biotic_007

#3 – Eat foods that make you feel good

Does broccoli make you feel bloated? Then it probably isn’t the best choice the night before your photo shoot. Just because someone says a food is “healthy” doesn’t mean it works for YOUR body. Think about the foods that make you feel energized and comfortable in your skin, and enjoy those foods for a few days before the photo shoot. No need to go to dieting extremes (drastically cutting calories or avoiding carbs). Instead, be gentle with yourself and ask, “what would feel like the most nourishing choice to make?” Let that question be your guide!

Derks Works Photography Best Self - Simi Biotic_010

#4 – Take an Epsom Salt Bath

The night before your photo shoot, consider unwinding with an Epsom salt bath. Not only is this super relaxing, but an Epsom salt bath also sooths muscles, eliminates toxins, releases stress, and helps to relieve any bloat. It’s seriously magical.

Derks Works Photography Best Self - Simi Biotic_013 Derks Works Photography Best Self - Simi Biotic_014

#5 – Try out your outfit, hair, & make up!

Opt for clothing, hair styles, and makeup that make you feel like the best version of yourself… not like someone else!  Do a “test run” with your hair, makeup and outfit to make sure that you feel comfortable and confident when the big day arrives. That way you have time to change an aspect of your look if it makes you feel weird or self-conscious before it’s photo time.

Derks Works Photography Best Self - Simi Biotic_006 Derks Works Photography Best Self - Simi Biotic_005

#6 – Bring music!

Your photo shoot should be FUN!!! A great playlist can help you relax and enjoy the experience, so add your favorite songs that put you into an instant good mood.

Derks Works Photography Best Self - Simi Biotic_015 Derks Works Photography Best Self - Simi Biotic_016

#7 – Be your beautiful, authentic self

If you do nothing else on this list, you absolutely must try #7. The camera captures what you show it. If you are stressed out, super tense, critiquing yourself in your mind, worrying about being judged, or wishing you looked like someone else, than that is what you will see in your photos. No joke: what you are thinking about will show up on your face. If you’re thinking “oh my gosh, I am so uncomfortable & hate the way I look” or “I should have lost 10 pounds” or “why can’t my kids behave for 5 freaking minutes,” you are going to see a stressed-out-deer-in-the-headlights look in your pictures. If you are thinking, “this is so fun, I love that I get to capture these special moments to keep forever,” you will look like a relaxed hottie.  You have full permission to just be yourself on photo shoot day! Nobody is perfect, so don’t put pressure on yourself to meet impossible standards. Benj, Jennifer, & the entire Derk’s Works team are experts at capturing magical moments. This means that you don’t need to worry about a thing. Let them handle the photo details and you focus on being your beautiful, real self. If you forget to drink water, have a crappy night sleep, and scarf down a plate of French fries before your photo shoot, let it all go. If your kid is screaming, or the dress you wanted to wear was too tight, or you got a zit on your forehead, let it all go. All you need to do is take deep breaths, smile like you just picked up a puppy, and remind yourself “I am beautiful just the way I am.”

Derks Works Photography Best Self - Simi Biotic_017 Derks Works Photography Best Self - Simi Biotic_018 Derks Works Photography Best Self - Simi Biotic_019 Derks Works Photography Best Self - Simi Biotic_020 Derks Works Photography Best Self - Simi Biotic_021 Derks Works Photography Best Self - Simi Biotic_022

More about Simi: Simi is obsessed with coffee, beach vacations, & the 90s. A corporate attorney turned intuitive eating health coach, she now works with women privately & through Finally Free. Simi helps women learn to nourish & nurture their bodies + lives, so they can live FULLY! Get instant access to her free three-part Breaking Up With Binges video series here & hang with her at or @simibotic for more.

  1. I absolutely LOVE Simi! She always has the best and most insightful advice!

    ps: your photos are beautiful.

The Campfire Experience

Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_001

We recently had the privilege to create a photo narrative for an exciting new local business, the Campfire Experience. Coming soon, the Campfire experience will offer glamorous, vintage camping rentals to help you enjoy family, friends, conversations and the beautiful outdoors!

Special thanks to the extremely talented team of All Together Now for organizing and styling this shoot at Rockmill Brewery, you two are the best! Also, be sure to check out the awesome leather goods and custom, restored axes from Yellowood Designs!

Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_002 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_003 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_004 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_005 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_006 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_007 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_008 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_009 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_010 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_011 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_012 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_013 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_014 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_015 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_016 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_017 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_018 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_019 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_020 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_021 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_022 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_023 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_024 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_025 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_026 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_027 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_028 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_029 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_030 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_031 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_032 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_033 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_034 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_035 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_036 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_037 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_038 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_039 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_040 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_041 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_042 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_043 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_044 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_045 Derks Works Photography Campfire Experience_046

  1. Yes!! All around =) I love the vibe of this styled shoot and the fun nature you captured in each scene.

  2. Qmb

    Wow…. There are stunning, what a wonderful capture of your adventure… Wow

Photo Narrative \\ Studio B Wellness

We love working with our Photo Narrative clients! The opportunity to help capture and visually communicate their work, passion, creativity and business is such a privilege. We are very excited to share with you a local business that has personally had a significant influence on my life! Studio B Wellness is more than an amazing Barre Studio, it not only offers creative, unique and customized workouts that transform your body, but Nancy, the owner and master instructor, along with the other instructors (Cassandra and Simi) have created an environment of health, encouragement and fun! Please take the time to read, share and enjoy getting to know Studio B Wellness and it’s founder and owner, Nancy Brown!


DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_001 DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_002
Meet Nancy, she is among the strongest women both physically and emotionally we know. Also, she is the heart and soul of Studio B Wellness in German Village. It has been our pleasure to get to know her and share a little of her amazing spirit and fervor with you.
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_026
Q: Who are you? (Not just your name, rather, how would your soul describe you?)
A: Nancy Cushman Brown… owner/founder of Studio B Wellness, friend, mother, daughter, sister. Caregiver, motivator, ass kicker but only because I love you with all my heart and know that “you can do it!”
Q: What do you do?
A: I teach Barre Exercise… AKA a mindbody experience that CHANGES you. You will become more confident and feel so beautiful just after a few classes. Barre exercise challenges your body and your mind in a way that is hard to describe.  You will connect with women in a brand new way and possibly a healthier way.  You will be encouraged, not judged. (I am serious) You will have a new outlook on life, improved self esteem, better concentration, new friends and a rockin’ tight body that includes a lifted booty, strong lean thighs, ripped abs and carved shoulders.
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_005
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_003 DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_004
Q: Why are you doing this?
A: So, not only has barre changed my life, I felt a need to share barre exercise. I also saw an opportunity to do something bigger, more meaningful. My desire was to create a one of a kind space where women could come together to feel safe, supported, encouraged, never judged while getting an AMAZING workout. I imagined networking happening while bodies were changing. I wanted it to be a whole body/mind experience, not JUST a workout. Nutrition is a huge part of wellbeing and I knew that would need to be addressed. Simi has stepped into that role beautifully. I am thrilled to have her on board with us. I hoped to create a space where others with a vision to begin a new business could be backed by a group of women and help them launch the concept. Studio B is all of the above and more.
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_006
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_007
These amazing women are the incredible instructors at Studio B! Cassandra, Nancy and Simi.
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_008
In addition to being a Studio B barre instructor, Simi Botic is also the brilliant mind behind the Micro Harvest!
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_009
Cassandra is a Sr. Instructor, former ballerina, amazing mother and all around funny, talented woman!
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_010
Q: What is your favorite band/ playlist?
A: I LOVE Maroon 5, but I am a R&B/ heart and soul kinda girl.
Q: What are you reading right now?
A: Islands in the Storm by E. Hemingway
Q: What’s the next movie you really want to see?
A: Still Alice
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_011
Q: Who inspires you and why?
A: My mother… She had a very severe stroke last August and has had other health complications as a result. The left side of her body no longer functions. Still smiles, jokes around and works so hard in PT, OT and ST every day. The lady is a fighter and does not give up!!
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_012
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_013
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_014
Studio B offers amazing, special packages for brides to be! Be sure to check out the website for details and special offers! The perfect long, lean body for your special day!
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_015
Barre provides a great work out while pregnant as well! I have personally been encouraged and strengthened working out 4-5 days a week at Studio B and I truly believe it is helping me in a healthy pregnancy and hopefully a smooth, strong delivery! Nancy and team help you make the right modifications as you progress through each trimester! – Jennifer
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_016
Child care is also available for select classes throughout the week! Check the website for more information!
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_017
Q: How can people follow you pursuing your passion and learn more about your business/ project?
A: I have an awesome new website with amazing photos from Derk’s Works. The new website provides a lot of basic info about Studio B and the gorgeous photo help to tell our story.
Q: How can people engage, participate or learn more about your business/ project?
A: Taking classes with us at Studio B is the best way. We are on facebook and instagram. You can just call me! I love coffee, lunch and wine. (-;
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_018
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_019
Q: If you had something you could ask for (doesn’t matter how crazy), what would it be?
A: Ohhhhhh, love this… I would take Studio B and all of my amazing clients with me to a sunny, warm and sandy destination. We would be able to look at the beach while taking barre classes!
Q: What is something super-awesome that you can do that not too many people know about?
A: I can barefoot water ski!
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_020
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_021
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_022
Q: What’s next for Studio B Wellness and what is you desire for this coming year? 
A: I hope to keep Studio B small and intimate. It would be great to add another dedicated instructor and more classes to the schedule if the demand is there.
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_023
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_024
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_025
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_027
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_028
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_029
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_030
Q: Behind any high expectation for success is an equal fear of failure. Courage is refusing to let the fear stop you. What inspires your brightest courage?
A: My clients whom also become my dearest friends. When you are surrounded by a community of women like we have at Studio B, fear melts away. I am thrilled each and every time I cue the music up to teach. Every day I am happy to push myself to be there for them. I remain open to fresh ideas to improve. I should probably be afraid, but somehow it “just works” and I am not. I have two INCREDIBLE instructors, Cassandra and Simi. I love them like sisters and they help me make it happen. I feel so fortunate and blessed to be where I am and doing what I love. Crap… should I be worried? Maybe I am naive?
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_031
Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us! We think you are awesome in every way and love sharing your brilliance with others.
DerksWorksPhotography Photo Narrative Studio B_032

Scobeys, Speaking, and Atlanta

Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20150226_001

First and foremost, hands down, across the country we have the best friends in the world. I wish I could bring everyone to Columbus and make them live in my neighborhood. The Scobey family ranks high in that bunch. They are kind, encouraging, loving, stellar examples of generosity and business, and straight up awesome people. Hanging out with them was more than enough to make us want to take a trip to Atlanta but they sweetened the pot by inviting us to speak at their photographer meet up and there was no way we could say no.

Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20150226_003 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20150226_004 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20150226_005 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20150226_006 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20150226_007 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20150226_008 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20150226_010

(Photo credits of me speaking: Graham Scobey)

For a few years I’ve been pondering this idea; I told a gas station attendant as I drove home from a wedding in Cleveland, “I’m headed home to crash.” He replied very wisely, “Our words inform our actions. Maybe you should ‘head home to sleep’  instead.” This got me thinking about how we make these subtile decisions every day in our jobs, even as self employed photographers. Our titles and self perceptions effect our actions and attitudes, and building a better business isn’t always about knowing how to work your camera better. I LOVED putting together this presentation; if you ever think this topic might be helpful to a group, please let me know, I’d love to share it again.

Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20150226_011 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20150226_012 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20150226_013 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20150226_014 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20150226_016

My sincerest gratitude to the Scobeys and to Shoot Proof for giving me this opportunity to share some of my thoughts and passion with fellow visual artists.