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Casually Tailored \\ Columbus Fashion Stylist

A man’s guide to looking his “wedding best,” from Columbus fashion stylist, Chad, at Casually Tailored:

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All right fellas you RSVP’d “yes” to a wedding, now what do you do? You better start thinking about what you’re going to wear if you ask me. Planning a sharp look takes time and is a thoroughly thought out process. The funny thing is, you are normally told how to dress on the invitation, so half of the work is already done for you. Now it’s your turn to knock it out of the park and not look like you ran to the mall the night before.

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Lets start with the dress code. If you are invited to a black tie wedding you better bring your “A” game and channel your inner James Bond. A black tuxedo is the gentleman staple for these types of weddings. If you view yourself as someone who is a little fashion forward, a blue tuxedo has been called the new black tie attire in the fashion world. Either way, pairing your tuxedo of choice with a crisp white shirt and black tie or bow tie will surely turn heads. The key to tying everything together is to make sure your tuxedo is tailored to your specific body type. Unless you get a made-to-measure tuxedo, you should make sure you make a trip to your local tailor. Getting your tuxedo tailored is just as important as choosing the tux.

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A formal wedding is just as step below a black tie wedding, so looking your best is nearly as important. A suit or tuxedo is still going to be required but you can have the choice of a few more colors. Make sure you keep it on the darker side. Black, grey, and navy are all appropriate colors for a formal wedding. That goes for your shirt and tie combos as well; keep it clean and simple you will be good.

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If you are attending a beach formal wedding just think of a Hawaiian wedding. Linen and cotton are going to be your best friends here since they are both breathable fabrics. A light colored linen suit with a clean white crew neck tee shirt or linen shirt would be perfect. A tie is optional, but if you decided to wear one, try to stay away from silk and, again, go with a linen or cotton.

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Last but not least is a casual wedding. A casual wedding doesn’t mean you can wear shorts, a tee shirt, and sneakers. It just means you do not need to be as “prim and proper” as you would at a formal wedding. At the very least you should wear a nice pair of chinos (a pair of trousers made from chino cloth) or darker jeans with a good pair of dress shoes. A clean, dressier polo or a pattern dress shirt will look nice, but not overdressed.

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Take these tips and you will stand out for all the right reasons.

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Special thanks to Chad, Columbus fashion stylist, from Casually Tailored for his expert tips and for looking fly on his wedding day.