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Photo Narrative – Lyn Roe

PN Social Media - 108

Business Name: Lyn Roe, Founded 2017

Site: lynroe.com

Social: @lynroedenim

Industry: Women’s Wear

Photo Narrative Services: Photo + Video

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About Lyn Roe:

Lyn Roe was created with you in mind. A denim company that is driven by the rebel spirit of all women, all shapes, and all sizes, Lyn Roe has mindfully crafted denim for every body. Their mission is to make every woman feel unstoppable, beautiful, and confident. Through new denim technology, Lyn Roe seeks to revolutionize the industry. Photo Narrative has showcased each pair of Lyn Roe jeans through photo and video.

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Where have you been able to use your photos and video?

  • Website
  • Social media
  • PR events

What has been your favorite part of the Photo Narrative process?

“Discussing visual strategy in projecting brand mission + values.”


What three words best describe Photo Narrative to you?

“Skilled, passionate, approachable”

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Photo Narrative – Chasing Grace

PN Social Media - 029

Business Name: Chasing Grace, Founded 2016

Site: chasinggrace.co

Social: @chasinggrace.ca

Industry: Women’s Wear

Photo Narrative Services: Photo


About Chasing Grace: 

Chasing Grace was created to provide apparel and jewelry that are made with the highest of standards throughout the entire production process. Representing love and faith, every item is locally sourced and manufactured to uphold the mission of the company. The founders of Chasing Grace are rooted deeply in community, driving their passion to create the best products for their local clients and beyond. Photo Narrative tells the Chasing Grace story through images of their luxe products.


What impact has Photo Narrative had on your business?

“Showcasing, with clarity, the best of our brand and highlighting the little details that we didn’t even appreciate until we were able to see them through the lens.”

What three words best describe Photo Narrative to you?

“Edgy, Creative, Pure”

How have you used the images created by Photo Narrative?

  • Website
  • Social media

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Tara & Jared – Married

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Remember This Moment // Proposal Photography

DerksWorks20160722-002 DerksWorks20130815-110For many of our clients, we have had the opportunity to capture their relationship from the beginning through photography. Engagement sessions, the walk down the aisle, even watching their family grow and photographing the evolution of their love is one of our favorite things.

Sometimes, we even get to be a part of the moment where the rest of forever begins. We LOVE proposal shoots as they are full of surprise and unexpected emotion. These rare and special moments are fun to witness and we are honored when a client asks us to join them on that day.

DerksWorks20160430-024DerksWorks20160617-011 DerksWorks20160617-012

One reason our past clients loved the idea of having a photographer at their proposal is because they knew they wanted to be able to look back on this special day.

First it starts with the planning. “The usual: ring shopping, talking to her dad months in advance, deciding on the time, place, and method. I chose the upper peninsula of Michigan because it is one of her favorite places and proposing during a routine ‘couple’s photo shoot,’ she wouldn’t see it coming.” Paul, a Derk’s Works groom, thought of every detail. “The best part of preparation for proposing was the intrigue. Early in our dating, we had an agreement that I had the right to not tell her the truth if she asked me poignant questions about proposing.” Coordinating the proposal with Paul was half the excitement of their special day.

DerksWorks20160617-007 DerksWorks20160722-003DerksWorks20130815-103

Though Paul had a vision of what he wanted his day to look like, some grooms come with the goal and we help with the details. “Benjamin was phenomenal. He made my experience so easy and comfortable… He was helpful and a great guide [for] ideas and thoughts. He’s a true professional in every sense of the word. He brings so many creative and thoughtful ideas to the table [while honoring] your personal story. I knew I was in the right place speaking openly with him about my family and what [the] proposal meant to me.” Another DW groom, Dillon, brought his enthusiasm and love for his future bride and we helped solidify a plan.

DerksWorks20160430-023 DerksWorks20160617-018 DerksWorks20160617-013 DerksWorks20160430-034

When the time comes to get down on one knee, we know that we can expect lots of love, sometimes tears, and smiles all around. Stephanie, a DW bride, was so excited when she found out her, at the time, boyfriend, thought to have the moment photographed. “It showed me how excited [Paul] was about marrying me. It made me feel incredibly special that my fiancé wanted that moment to be something neither of us would forget. The images taken at our proposal are a beautiful reminder of the beginning of our marriage journey, and when I look at them they remind me of the joy and appreciation our marriage is built upon.”

DerksWorks20130815-104 DerksWorks20130815-116 DerksWorks20160722-004The images that we take of this special moment are a visual representation of the love that two people share. We are honored when we get to be a part of a proposal. Everything it represents: love, relationship, commitment, and intimacy. All of those things our “bread and butter.”

If you are planning on popping the question, we would love to help you remember that day forever. Let us know if we can help.


Thank you to our dear clients, Paul, Stephanie, and Dillon for sharing their Derk’s Works stories.


Derk’s Works 2016 Gift Guide

Is there someone on your shopping list that you are having the hardest time finding a gift for? It happens to all of us and frankly we think this is holiday injustice. We want to alleviate your shopping stress so you can spend more time with family and friends. We have compiled a few incredible products that we think will solve all of your shopping woes.


First is a list of a few “Justin and Jimmy” inspired gifts that will surely knock the stockings off your loved ones. We guarantee it.*

*We actually don’t guarantee it because these gifts are ridiculous. Awesome. But ridiculous.


Fuji X-Pro2 – $1,549

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 3.54.03 PM copy

Limited Edition @DerksWorksDog Mug – $20

christmas gift guide derk's works

Contact us here to order!


Marshmallow Crossbow – SALE! $69.98Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 4.12.46 PM


On a more realistic note, we have some other ideas that might Santa-suit your fancy.


The Campfire Experience \\ An Outdoor Adventure – $159

DerksWorks20151108-001 DerksWorks20151108-002


Yellowood Design Heat Test Hat – $20



Chasing Grace Luxe Jewelry – Starting at $38

DerksWorks20160628-005 DerksWorks20160628-006

Derk’s Works 16 x 24 Framed Print – $310

DerksWorks20150326-004 DerksWorks20150326-003  DerksWorks20160920-001

Choose an image from a past shoot or one of our four original featured holiday prints pictured below.

Option 1


Option 2


Option 3


Option 4


Contact us here to order!


Derk’s Works Photo Book


Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset

Photo Book Pricing

7 x 7, up to 150 images – $150

7 x 7, 151 to 400 images – $300

7 x 7, 2 book set – $500

12 x 12, up to 150 images – $300

12 x 12, 151 to 400 images – $650

12 x 12, 2 book set – $1250

Images from past shoots with Derk’s Works will be used to create photo books.

Contact us here to order!




Scott & Amanda – Married

Scott + Amanda - Married1000

Columbus, Ohio – June, 2016

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Lane & Amanda – Preview

Derks Works-2016-Lane + Amanda PREVIEW20161121_2000

The Bluestone, Columbus, Ohio – November 2016

Derks Works-2016-Lane + Amanda PREVIEW20161121_2001 Derks Works-2016-Lane + Amanda PREVIEW20161121_2002 Derks Works-2016-Lane + Amanda PREVIEW20161121_2003 Derks Works-2016-Lane + Amanda PREVIEW20161121_2004 Derks Works-2016-Lane + Amanda PREVIEW20161121_2005 Derks Works-2016-Lane + Amanda PREVIEW20161121_2006 Derks Works-2016-Lane + Amanda PREVIEW20161121_2007 Derks Works-2016-Lane + Amanda PREVIEW20161121_2008 Derks Works-2016-Lane + Amanda PREVIEW20161121_2009 Derks Works-2016-Lane + Amanda PREVIEW20161121_2010

Sarah Jayne & Adam – Preview

Sarah Jayne and Adam - Preview

New York City – November 2016

Sarah Jayne and Adam blog preview selects1008 Sarah Jayne and Adam blog preview selects1009 Sarah Jayne and Adam blog preview selects1010 Sarah Jayne and Adam blog preview selects1011 Sarah Jayne and Adam blog preview selects1012 Sarah Jayne and Adam blog preview selects1013 Sarah Jayne and Adam blog preview selects1014 Sarah Jayne and Adam blog preview selects1015 Sarah Jayne and Adam blog preview selects1016 Sarah Jayne and Adam blog preview selects1017

Hi, I’m Eva

DerksWorks20160922-001Hello good people. I’m Eva, the social media manager at Derk’s Works. I want to take a few minutes to introduce myself since I’ve been around for a bit.

A few years ago, I met Ben and Jenn: power couple. Seriously, they are great. I am not sure if I’ve ever met two people more suited for each other in so many situations. They handle marriage, parenthood, and business with such grace and confidence and they do so together.

Earlier this year, I started a small business for marketing and brand development called New Yorkers Chew Gum. Before I dove into the development of my business, I met with Ben and Jenn to get their input. After a few cups of coffee (Ben makes a mean pour-over, fyi) and many scattered ideas about my vision, I was encouraged by their excitement for me and their eagerness to be a part of what I was doing. More conversations led to Derk’s Works becoming my first client and, boy, it’s been the best.

DerksWorks20160922-002We began to strategize about social media, blogs, and some secret projects (more on that later). My favorite part, though, has been working with people who love people. In all they do, they always, ALWAYS, ask how their decisions will impact their clients. Similarly, I have been able to understand Derk’s Works in the same way through developing their social content.

DerksWorks20160922-003DerksWorks20160922-004I have loved these past few months and am so excited to keep cookin’ up more with Derk’s Works.

If you are reading this and saying, “HELLO I LOVE PEOPLE TOO!” then let’s chat about work we can do together.


In our DNA \\ Travel Photography

DerksWorks-travel photography0604 DerksWorks-travel photography0593

It’s not unusual for us to have our bags packed, flights booked, and plans for an adventure. We love to travel, both personally and professionally. Experiencing new places with new people is our favorite.

DerksWorks-travel photography0592 DerksWorks-travel photography0588 DerksWorks-travel photography0600

When we think about memorable excursions, Ireland, our honeymoon destination, is one that comes to mind. Tropical weddings are another, making it hard to consider the travel as work. Paris was destination for the books where we fell deeper in love and learned we would be expecting #BabyDerkin.

DerksWorks-travel photography0602 DerksWorks-travel photography0594 Derk's Works-Paris Photography20140930_033 2 Derk's Works-Paris Photography20140930_050Derk's Works-Paris Photography20140930_067

Traveling is an avenue for capturing things we find important. Whether traveling for weddings, engagements, or for pleasure, we are inspired by new culture and new places. Photographing in new environments creates opportunity for us to become more creative, catering images to the people while complimenting the place.

DerksWorks-travel photography0599 DerksWorks-travel photography0597 DerksWorks-travel photography0598

We hope to travel with you soon.