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The Truth \\ Ever Forward


Being a high school senior is straight awesome. For many, it feels like everything is set to fast-forward; the past years of your life flying by as they shape you into the individual you’ve grown to be. Excited to be graduating, you look back and smile on the happy memories as you prepare to turn your sights confidently to pursue who you strive to be.

The friends you’ve made, the experiences you’ve had, the way you dress, and your favorite music worked together to create a beautifully unique and intricate individual. Your uniqueness deserves to be documented in a way that’s just as awesome and special as you!

An Ever Forward Session is unlike any other Senior Portrait Shoot. Ever Forward is all about celebrating and documenting what makes you unique and awesome, just by being you. We believe that every senior is different and no portrait session should be the same as the last. Ever Forward serves as a way to encompass your goals, dreams, and aspirations of who you want to be.

All of our sessions are on location, so choosing the right location is important… But not really. It’s the supporting character to the epic story which is YOU. It can be a specific place from your childhood or past which has deep meaning, or a more broad idea, like going downtown or out in the country.

It’s time to celebrate you ending one chapter of life and moving forward to the next. Ever Forward.