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Holiday Book Sale

We are so excited to share with you our Holiday Book Sales is available now until 11.26.18! This is your opportunity to create and order books from your Derk’s Work images from your wedding, engagement session, family session and more! Save up to $375 on books and albums!

Create a keepsake for your family for years to come this holiday season! Gift cards are also available upon request. To see the details of the sale and to order your book send us a message here.

Our Classic Coffee Table book has been one of our favorite ways to display a complete collection of images since we started this business in 2008. Featuring one image per page, it takes you through the joy and detail of your every emotion, letting each image speak for itself while effortlessly flowing into a larger body of work. Each solo book contains up to four hundred images that you select yourself to represent your favorite aspects of your wedding.

The Classic Coffee Table Book comes both in the standard twelve by twelve inch size as well as a smaller seven by seven inch book. The classic size also come in a complete two volume book set, containing all of the images from your wedding day, flowing chronologically, highlighting each nuance of your day with care.

 The Heritage Album was born out of a desire to design and craft a book that can be passed down for generations as a testimony of your love. Each page is made from a warp resistant substrate carefully bound and covered in either high quality linen or leather. Our Heritage Album is twelve inches by twelve inches and comes standard with twenty-five spreads to carefully tell your story.

The Small Heritage Album is eight inches by eight inches and is perfect for any collection from your wedding to engagement photos to parent albums.


Tommy – Ever Forward

DerksWorks Photography  20150729 Tommy Ever Forward_01 DerksWorks Photography  20150729 Tommy Ever Forward_02 DerksWorks Photography  20150729 Tommy Ever Forward_03 DerksWorks Photography  20150729 Tommy Ever Forward_04 DerksWorks Photography  20150729 Tommy Ever Forward_05 DerksWorks Photography  20150729 Tommy Ever Forward_06 DerksWorks Photography  20150729 Tommy Ever Forward_07 DerksWorks Photography  20150729 Tommy Ever Forward_08 DerksWorks Photography  20150729 Tommy Ever Forward_09 DerksWorks Photography  20150729 Tommy Ever Forward_10 DerksWorks Photography  20150729 Tommy Ever Forward_11 DerksWorks Photography  20150729 Tommy Ever Forward_12

Not Just Senior Photos – Ever Forward

Thoughts of a New Senior

It’s hard to believe that it’s already half way through summer!  For high school seniors, that can only mean one thing… Time to start thinking about having your senior pictures taken.  Suddenly you realize high school has flashed by and it’s now time to start thinking about your next steps after graduation.  You’ve learned a lot about yourself while in high school.  Perhaps you’ve gone through phases of different tastes in music and style.  Probably, some of those phases were are a little more embarrassing than you want to admit.  All of those moments and phases have prepared you and helped shape the awesome individual you are today.

There are no two seniors alike.  And we think that’s just perfect.  What are your epic photos going to look like?  We’ve gathered some of our favorites from last year’s class.  Don’t forget.  Be Awesome.  Be Unique.  Be You.  Ever Forward. – Alex

DerksWorks001 DerksWorks002 DerksWorks004 DerksWorks005 DerksWorks006 DerksWorks007 DerksWorks008 DerksWorks009 DerksWorks010 DerksWorks011 DerksWorks012 DerksWorks014 DerksWorks015 DerksWorks016 DerksWorks017 DerksWorks018


Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20141121_057 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20141121_058 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20141121_059 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20141121_060 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20141121_061 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20141121_062 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20141121_063 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20141121_064


Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20140728_838

July 2014 \\ Toledo, Ohio \\ Super-proud and happy for my littlest (and tallest) brother. Congratulations on being smart, talented, funny, and awesome all at once. Not that you had much choice in the matter… you ARE a Derkin after all ;)

Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20140728_839 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20140728_840 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20140728_841 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20140728_842 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20140728_843 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20140728_844 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20140728_845 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20140728_846 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20140728_847 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20140728_848 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20140728_849 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20140728_850 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20140728_851 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20140728_852 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20140728_853 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20140728_854 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20140728_855 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20140728_856

  1. QMB

    Well hammered, you totally made me smile, these are super! The grad party can now proceed smartly, on 8/17/14

  2. QMB

    These are terrific grad pictutres, you are terrific and well yea Joseph is terrific too!

The Truth \\ Ever Forward


Being a high school senior is straight awesome. For many, it feels like everything is set to fast-forward; the past years of your life flying by as they shape you into the individual you’ve grown to be. Excited to be graduating, you look back and smile on the happy memories as you prepare to turn your sights confidently to pursue who you strive to be.

The friends you’ve made, the experiences you’ve had, the way you dress, and your favorite music worked together to create a beautifully unique and intricate individual. Your uniqueness deserves to be documented in a way that’s just as awesome and special as you!

An Ever Forward Session is unlike any other Senior Portrait Shoot. Ever Forward is all about celebrating and documenting what makes you unique and awesome, just by being you. We believe that every senior is different and no portrait session should be the same as the last. Ever Forward serves as a way to encompass your goals, dreams, and aspirations of who you want to be.

All of our sessions are on location, so choosing the right location is important… But not really. It’s the supporting character to the epic story which is YOU. It can be a specific place from your childhood or past which has deep meaning, or a more broad idea, like going downtown or out in the country.

It’s time to celebrate you ending one chapter of life and moving forward to the next. Ever Forward.











Stephanie \\ Ever Forward


April 2014 \\ Columbus, OHseniorportraits-seniorportraits-DerksWorks20140418-00202 seniorportraits-seniorportraits-DerksWorks20140418-00304 seniorportraits-seniorportraits-DerksWorks20140418-00406 seniorportraits-seniorportraits-DerksWorks20140418-00507 seniorportraits-seniorportraits-DerksWorks20140418-00608 seniorportraits-seniorportraits-DerksWorks20140418-00711 seniorportraits-seniorportraits-DerksWorks20140418-00810 seniorportraits-seniorportraits-DerksWorks20140418-00903 seniorportraits-seniorportraits-DerksWorks20140418-01005 seniorportraits-seniorportraits-DerksWorks20140418-01109 seniorportraits-seniorportraits-DerksWorks20140418-01212 seniorportraits-seniorportraits-DerksWorks20140418-01313 seniorportraits-seniorportraits-DerksWorks20140418-01414 seniorportraits-seniorportraits-DerksWorks20140418-01515


Derks Works - Senior Photography 20131112_001

November 2013 \\ Columbus, Ohio \\  Couldn’t have asked for an awesome-er senior to be my debut Derk’s Works senior!  He is one cool dude; crazy-smart, super-tall, down-to-earth.  Ladies and Gentleman… Jeremy.

Derks Works - Senior Photography 20131112_002 Derks Works - Senior Photography 20131112_003 Derks Works - Senior Photography 20131112_004 Derks Works - Senior Photography 20131112_005 Derks Works - Senior Photography 20131112_006Derks Works - Senior Photography 20131112_015 Derks Works - Senior Photography 20131112_007 Derks Works - Senior Photography 20131112_008 Derks Works - Senior Photography 20131112_009 Derks Works - Senior Photography 20131112_010 Derks Works - Senior Photography 20131112_011 Derks Works - Senior Photography 20131112_012 Derks Works - Senior Photography 20131112_013 Derks Works - Senior Photography 20131112_014


Derks Works - Sr Portrait Photography20131101_946

October 2013 \\ Columbus, Ohio

Derks Works - Sr Portrait Photography20131101_947 Derks Works - Sr Portrait Photography20131101_948 Derks Works - Sr Portrait Photography20131101_949 Derks Works - Sr Portrait Photography20131101_950 Derks Works - Sr Portrait Photography20131101_951 Derks Works - Sr Portrait Photography20131101_952 Derks Works - Sr Portrait Photography20131101_953 Derks Works - Sr Portrait Photography20131101_954 Derks Works - Sr Portrait Photography20131101_955 Derks Works - Sr Portrait Photography20131101_956 Derks Works - Sr Portrait Photography20131101_957 Derks Works - Sr Portrait Photography20131101_958 Derks Works - Sr Portrait Photography20131101_959 Derks Works - Sr Portrait Photography20131101_960 Derks Works - Sr Portrait Photography20131101_961 Derks Works - Sr Portrait Photography20131101_962 Derks Works - Sr Portrait Photography20131101_963 Derks Works - Sr Portrait Photography20131101_964

Matthew \\ 2014 GRADUATE

Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131022_776

October 2013 \\ Toledo, Ohio

Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131022_777 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131022_778 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131022_779 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131022_780 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131022_781 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131022_782 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131022_783 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131022_784 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131022_785 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131022_786 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131022_787 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131022_788 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131022_789 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131022_790 Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131022_791