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Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131204-147

I’m just gonna come right out and say it. I have some awesome friends! Not just the guys that I hang out with on a weekly basis (though you know I love you guys too) but in the photographic and artistic world, I have AMAZING friends that encourage and challenge me to serve you better in every part of this awesome business. After going through a few rolls of film that I just got back I just thought I’d share a few of my friends with you. Be warned, they are very cool people and you might need to expand your blog roll.

(above) Jim \\ Nashville, TN

Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131204-148

Josh & Jenny \\ Kansas City, MO \\ (shot in the Dominican Republic during What If )

Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131204-149

Levi \\ Columbus, OH

Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131204-150

Richie & Natalie \\ Gilbert, AZ \\ (shot in the Dominican Republic during What If )

Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131204-151

Graham & Ashley \\ Atlanta, GA \\ (shot in the Dominican Republic during What If )

Derks Works - Awesome Photography20131204-152

Rowan & Jocelyn \\ Portland, OR

(all images shot on the Hasselblad 500c)

  1. so lovely! next time, I’ll make sure to get a portrait of you and your lovely wife :)

  2. Ahh! This makes us so happy!!!! We love you!!!!!

  3. Rowan

    You’re a big thumbs up in our book too!