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July, 2013 \\ Columbus, Ohio \\ “Beauty on the inside, that feeling… that knowing, is most important. Brides with such inner confidence and beauty, deserve a dress to match.” – my thesis statement for this editorial shoot \\ It was, without a doubt, a joy and honor to be part of such a talented group of people for this shoot. Through this editorial I hoped to express a portion of the beauty, grace and elegance of these hand crafted dresses By Ghinda.

ColumbusWeddingPhotography20130821_181 ColumbusWeddingPhotography20130821_182 ColumbusWeddingPhotography20130821_183 ColumbusWeddingPhotography20130821_184 ColumbusWeddingPhotography20130821_185 ColumbusWeddingPhotography20130821_186 ColumbusWeddingPhotography20130821_187 ColumbusWeddingPhotography20130821_188 ColumbusWeddingPhotography20130821_189 ColumbusWeddingPhotography20130821_190 ColumbusWeddingPhotography20130821_191 ColumbusWeddingPhotography20130821_192 ColumbusWeddingPhotography20130821_193 ColumbusWeddingPhotography20130821_194 ColumbusWeddingPhotography20130821_195 ColumbusWeddingPhotography20130821_196 ColumbusWeddingPhotography20130821_197 ColumbusWeddingPhotography20130821_198 ColumbusWeddingPhotography20130821_199 ColumbusWeddingPhotography20130821_200 ColumbusWeddingPhotography20130821_201 ColumbusWeddingPhotography20130821_202 ColumbusWeddingPhotography20130821_203 ColumbusWeddingPhotography20130821_204 ColumbusWeddingPhotography20130821_205 ColumbusWeddingPhotography20130821_206 ColumbusWeddingPhotography20130821_207 ColumbusWeddingPhotography20130821_208

AMAZING PROS INVOLVED \\ DRESSES – By Ghinda, Jen is the only dress maker in Ohio! Her gowns are beautiful… as you can see \\ MAKEUP – Beauty Marked By Kelli, amazing tailoring of the perfect makeup on any bride \\ MAKEUP – Bride Face, Nancy has an impeccable eye for quality and color \\ HEADPIECES – Maya’s Curls, Juliet hand crafts these amazing headpieces \\ MODELS – our beautiful models, Erin, Morgan, and Jennifer \\ PHOTOGRAPHY – Derk’s Works, Benjamin (I mean… I just would have felt left out if I didn’t link to myself too…)

ColumbusWeddingPhotography20130821_209 ColumbusWeddingPhotography20130821_210

  1. Absolutely amazing Benjamin!!!!!!!!!!!!