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Lookin’ Good \\ Derk’s Works PHOTOBOOTH

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Who doesn’t love a good photo booth? At Derk’s Works, we offer a one-of-a-kind PHOTOBOOTHing experience. We love bringing our booth and props to weddings because it puts your guests in the spotlight. We capture their individual personalities and the images embody some of the most iconic moments of the night.

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In case you aren’t convinced, here are 5 more reasons to party with us in the booth:


1. We let down our walls.

DerksWorks20140927-068Our PHOTOBOOTH not only provides entertainment for those in front of the lens, but groups gather around your guests as they do their thing in the spotlight. Because our booth is an open backdrop, it creates more room for interaction and large groups of party people to strike a pose while entertaining the crowd.


2. You get the V.I.P. treatment.

DerksWorks20140927-072Many booths offer a automatic, stationary camera for guests inside the booth. The Derk’s Works PHOTOBOOTH comes with a real-life photographer. Having someone behind the camera allows us to capture the movement and energy of your guests without limiting them to a restricted angle. Our photographer knows how to engage your guests to be sure your images are dynamic, without sacrificing quality.


3. We customize your props.

Derks Works Photography Photobooth Dessi & Ryan_002 Derks Works Photography Photobooth Dessi & Ryan_001DerksWorks20150808-082Who doesn’t love giant masks of their cat? We bring everything you will need in the PHOTOBOOTH. This means, if you need larger than life sized baby faces of the bride and groom, we will make it happen.


4. Your images come perfected.

DerksWorks20140927-070 DerksWorks20140713-066Unlike other photo booths, the Derk’s Works PHOTOBOOTH images come cropped and edited. Every image will be tweaked to make sure your guests look their best. All images will be available the week following your wedding.


5. You get unlimited shots and downloads.

DerksWorks20140713-063 DerksWorks20140713-062 DerksWorks20140607-077 DerksWorks20140607-060Lots of party people? No problem. Your PHOTOBOOTH experience comes with unlimited shots during your time of coverage. Don’t worry about restricting your guests to a time or two in the booth. It’s theirs all night so they can feel free to let loose, as many times as they please. Like we said, the images will be posted the week following the wedding. You can share the gallery and every guest will have access to download their captured memories.


We might be biased, but our PHOTOBOOTH is a pretty fun time. It adds an indispensable element to your big day that your guests won’t soon forget.

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