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Wedding DIY – The Flowerman

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Planning a wedding is something a bride and groom often look forward to. Infusing your personalities into each moment can be a way to create style and tradition as a couple. Sometimes though, the thought of “doing it yourself” can be a bit overwhelming. Balancing personal touches with expert advise can be tricky.

Fortunately, companies like The Flowerman exist.

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If you haven’t heard of them, The Flowerman is Columbus’ family-owned “do-it-yourself florist.” They create the ultimate flower experience guided by trained professionals who know their buds.

Once you have a date, venue, and general guest count, a “floral coach” will meet you to talk all things design. Hand-selecting flowers and greenery that perfectly embody the aroma of your wedding, your coach helps make recommendations regarding different varieties and embellishments for arrangements. You, as the bride and groom, have complete design control. Whether formal, causal, whimsical, or traditional, you express your vision and your coach is there to bring it to fruition.

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A day or two before your wedding, the fun happens. You and your closest friends become florists for a day (don’t worry, no experience necessary). With all the supplies you need, your coach is there to walk you through construction of your arrangements.

Feel free to bring drinks and treats because this process is a pre-wedding party.

Something else we love about The Flowerman is their determination to serve brides with excellence, regardless of budget. Using only fresh, wedding-grade products, you not only enjoy an enhanced floral experience, but leave knowing you have the absolute best flowers for your absolute best day.

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To learn more about The Flowerman, including DIY packages and full-service + pre-order options, visit them here bunch of floral professionals are waiting to make your topiary dreams come true.

Special thanks to Erin of The Flowerman for all of her helpful information.

*All of these Derk’s Works images feature floral works of The Flowerman.