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Dads Are Rad – Father’s Day 2016


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I can’t speak from personal experience as to the feelings that go along with being the father of a bride or groom at a wedding, but I can tell you that I’ve seen a lot of love in the relationships of fathers to their sons and daughters. I’ve seen the pride in my wife’s eyes as she recalls the stairs and long walk down the aisle with her dad, I’ve seen the tears of joy in a father’s eyes as he recounts his little girl’s antics on the playground through to the beautiful woman she’s grown to become,  I’ve seen the slow dance cheek to cheek and the tears of gratitude that form as a daughter expresses her understanding of what a good husband should be because she’s seen it first hand. A dad listens, protects, admires, and gives all that he can, because he is made of love (and also probably some saw dust, grit, and a little beer… if we’re being honest). Dads are rarely perfect and often have trouble expressing themselves in words, but when push comes to shove we know that dad isn’t just the guy that’s there to shove that other guys back for us, he’s there to teach, love, and help us in every way that he can. From new new dads to old dads, or even dad’s dad or that guys that was like a dad, we want to say thank you. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to witness your loving vulnerability and your remarkable strength. Happy Father’s day.


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