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Hi, I’m Eva

DerksWorks20160922-001Hello good people. I’m Eva, the social media manager at Derk’s Works. I want to take a few minutes to introduce myself since I’ve been around for a bit.

A few years ago, I met Ben and Jenn: power couple. Seriously, they are great. I am not sure if I’ve ever met two people more suited for each other in so many situations. They handle marriage, parenthood, and business with such grace and confidence and they do so together.

Earlier this year, I started a small business for marketing and brand development called New Yorkers Chew Gum. Before I dove into the development of my business, I met with Ben and Jenn to get their input. After a few cups of coffee (Ben makes a mean pour-over, fyi) and many scattered ideas about my vision, I was encouraged by their excitement for me and their eagerness to be a part of what I was doing. More conversations led to Derk’s Works becoming my first client and, boy, it’s been the best.

DerksWorks20160922-002We began to strategize about social media, blogs, and some secret projects (more on that later). My favorite part, though, has been working with people who love people. In all they do, they always, ALWAYS, ask how their decisions will impact their clients. Similarly, I have been able to understand Derk’s Works in the same way through developing their social content.

DerksWorks20160922-003DerksWorks20160922-004I have loved these past few months and am so excited to keep cookin’ up more with Derk’s Works.

If you are reading this and saying, “HELLO I LOVE PEOPLE TOO!” then let’s chat about work we can do together.