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Celebrating Mom


We love mom.

A day, really, is not enough to express the value in her devotion, hard work, her healing touch when we fall. She labors for us. She works and loves and cries for us. She supports our ideas, even when they don’t seem worth supporting. Mothers do all of these things because they are believers in who we are and what we are capable of becoming.


Your wedding day arrives. She watches you, taking in who you have become, admiring the bond you have and will continue to share as you enter married life, parenthood, and times in between and after. She reflects on your first steps, when she taught you to cook, when your heart broke and she held you when you cried. She thinks about the first time you defended your morals, the first time you fought for what was right. You walk down the aisle and she’s there, peering from the front row, glassy eyes and a smile of admiration, her hands crossed in front of her. She cries because she is filled to the brim with love as you continue to bring her constant joy.


But no, mom. The joy is ours.


To all of our mothers:

Thank you for your love. Thank you for patience and resilience; for making hard decisions. Thank you for constantly fighting for what is right and for justice in our lives when we knew no better. Thank you for you, today and forever.


Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. We love you.