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We’re Thankful, To Say The Least

This year, Derk’s Works has been up to some new things, some old things, and some adventurous things. The one thing that has been consistent though, this year and all years, is the love we have for our clients. Actually, if it’s possible, we love you more than ever (such a dad thing to say, I know). But, if I may summarize our feelings, we want to express that we are deeply grateful.

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(Yes, it does feel odd to use this photo that was taken before Solomon was born, but we just got it back from the film lab and it seemed a shame NOT to use it… He’ll get his own blog post, don’t worry…)

When we photograph your life and your moments, we count it as sacred to be invited into your space. We love the community that has formed with each of you.

In this season of thankfulness, we can’t help but send our love your way.

For you, we are thankful.


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