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Wedding Playlist \\ Picking The Right Music

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We’ve all been to a wedding that was beautiful, full of life and great conversation, the food was fantastic, and the cake spectacular but the second the DJ told you to hit the dance floor, you could feel the room deflate because he decided to start the night off with a song possessing the energetic equivalent of a soggy pancake.

With so many psychedelic, make-you-shake-bust-a-move options, we thought we would create a guide to making a playlist that will make your guests party.

(Start like this… not like this…)

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People love group dances.

No matter how many times they are played, the group dance classics will get all of the people on the dance floor. Whether you like to slide or whip, getting a group to cut a rug together always breaks the party ice. Benjamin, also known as @derksworks, can be regularly found in the middle of a dance circle capturing action shots of your group’s best moves. His dad-dancin’ brings the party and his picture snappin’ brings the best music memories.

2016-0319 Derks Works Wedding Photography Andy & Marci_046

Bring back the oldies.

This term is likely relative. Oldies can mean songs you listened to in college, music your parents played when you were younger, tracks you choreographed dances to and performed for your mom in middle school. Asking your guests to include an “oldie” they’d like to hear on their RSVP could be a special touch. If you happen to play Bob Dylan or Johnny Cash, we promise to hit the dance floor with you.

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Throw in some ‘you’.

This is your day so if you want to play Ke$ha, you play her. If you are All About That Bass, add it to the list. Throw in the song the two of you first danced to or the one that played on the drive to your family’s house last Christmas. Add songs you have had epic rap battles to (we know you win every time). This can also be a time to slow it down. Slow dancin’ is a must, so don’t be afraid to play a Mumford Ballad.

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Close it with a classic.

One word: Whitney. This is the perfect moment for your guests to close out the night by showing off their perfect pitch. I Wanna Dance With Somebody might be the best choice because it has an infinite amount of key changes. If this isn’t for you though, that’s ok. Benjamin isn’t a fan either. But if you want to see Jennifer (@mrsderksworks) getting down, all you have to do is press play on this one.

Finish the night with a song that everyone knows, ending the party on the highest note possible (literally).

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We aren’t playlist experts but we have been to some weddings. Music really can set the tone of your reception. Both you and your guests should enjoy the music and feel free to let loose. Need a suggestion for a great band or DJ in Columbus? Ask us! We know some great ones.

If you are loving these tips and are thinking, “I wish there was a Derk’s Works playlist I could jam to right this minute,” well you’re in luck. We went ahead a made one just for you with some of our everyday favorites. So turn it up and get to groovin’. Check out some DW good time jams here.

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