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Photo Narrative – Lyn Roe

PN Social Media - 108

Business Name: Lyn Roe, Founded 2017


Social: @lynroedenim

Industry: Women’s Wear

Photo Narrative Services: Photo + Video

DerksWorks-232-20161003-469289DerksWorks-241-20161004-471691DerksWorks-233-20161003-469366 DerksWorks-234-20161003-469442

About Lyn Roe:

Lyn Roe was created with you in mind. A denim company that is driven by the rebel spirit of all women, all shapes, and all sizes, Lyn Roe has mindfully crafted denim for every body. Their mission is to make every woman feel unstoppable, beautiful, and confident. Through new denim technology, Lyn Roe seeks to revolutionize the industry. Photo Narrative has showcased each pair of Lyn Roe jeans through photo and video.

DerksWorks-235-20161003-469494 DerksWorks-236-20161003-469564 DerksWorks-237-20161003-469672

Where have you been able to use your photos and video?

  • Website
  • Social media
  • PR events

What has been your favorite part of the Photo Narrative process?

“Discussing visual strategy in projecting brand mission + values.”


What three words best describe Photo Narrative to you?

“Skilled, passionate, approachable”

DerksWorks-249-20161004-472297 DerksWorks-253-20161004-473330

Photo Narrative – Chasing Grace

PN Social Media - 029

Business Name: Chasing Grace, Founded 2016



Industry: Women’s Wear

Photo Narrative Services: Photo


About Chasing Grace: 

Chasing Grace was created to provide apparel and jewelry that are made with the highest of standards throughout the entire production process. Representing love and faith, every item is locally sourced and manufactured to uphold the mission of the company. The founders of Chasing Grace are rooted deeply in community, driving their passion to create the best products for their local clients and beyond. Photo Narrative tells the Chasing Grace story through images of their luxe products.


What impact has Photo Narrative had on your business?

“Showcasing, with clarity, the best of our brand and highlighting the little details that we didn’t even appreciate until we were able to see them through the lens.”

What three words best describe Photo Narrative to you?

“Edgy, Creative, Pure”

How have you used the images created by Photo Narrative?

  • Website
  • Social media

DerksWorks-205-20160628-401823PN Social Media - 112

  1. Qmb

    Very nice…

Introducing Photo Narrative

PN Social Media - 106 DerksWorks-006-20140517-9958DerksWorks-158-20150929-298911DerksWorks-123-20151108-321638

PN Social Media - 110

At our core is a love for true grass roots movement, genuine relationships, and good branding. Our creative process is founded upon a strong story told with images, connected through moments of significance, captured by a camera. This love for story telling has only grown as we have continued down this journey of owning our own small business. Thus, PHOTO NARRATIVE was born.

Combining our passion for business, people, and images that communicate feeling we noticed a gap in the ability of businesses to create a relationship with their audience in a way that felt fresh and tailor-made. PHOTO NARRATIVE creates that gateway from business to consumer, narrowing the gap and building the bridge.

It is our goal through this new branch of Derk’s Works to continue our devotion to capturing and sharing the heart and soul of passionate living. Through PHOTO NARRATIVE, we’ll freeze the moments that encapsulate your business and show the movement that tells your brand’s story. This process takes on a few forms, some simple and some more involved; no matter the level, we can’t wait to help share your story!


Simple though they may be, we believe in a headshot that is as unique as you and your business. On a traditional paper backdrop or something more specialized and complex, we stick to making you the center of attention.

DerksWorks-017-20161014-483322DerksWorks-228-20160922-457941DerksWorks-141-20150915-294034 DerksWorks-081-20140829-135522 DerksWorks-036-20130725-2984

In Your Element

There is something special about finding your niche and digging deeply into the work that comes with it. We are here for those moments that make your work special, so you can share your passion for your business with the world.

DerksWorks-011-20150616-249452DerksWorks-013-20161003-468552 DerksWorks-010-20140829-135640DerksWorks-012-20150805-268951 DerksWorks-005-20140327-62949DerksWorks-008-20140623-99139 DerksWorks-004-20140327-62913 DerksWorks-108-20150406-229391 DerksWorks-194-20160428-349695DerksWorks-001-20121219-5378


Sometimes movement is the most effective way to share your message. Our PHOTO NARRATIVE videography has mastered the mix of light, sound, and story. Your action-packed day carries the heartbeat of your narrative.



Two parts visual and one part brain power, we proudly offer straight up consulting as a stand alone service or as a compliment to our implementation. Jennifer brings 10 years of corporate sales experience and strategy to the table while Benjamin brings 10+ years of small business expertise and understanding. Sometimes you just need ideas and a clear game plan, we would love to put our moxie to work for you in sales, brand strategy, and social media marketing.


Our passion for brand strategy is backed by a decade of growing and adapting to a fiercely competitive industry, perfectly paired with years of corporate experience and strategic sales positioning combined with a drive for small business. Top it all off with expertise in social media marketing and a devotion to new trends, old trends, and finding your trend; we have exactly what you need to set you apart in your market.

The wait is over and PHOTO NARRATIVE is officially here, ready to take your business to the next level of relating to your customers. Let’s get the conversation started.

Click here to contact us for more info.

Chris & Danielle – PHOTOBOOTH

DerksWorks Photobooth Chris & Danielle 2016-0501_001

See the complete collection of AWESOME PHOTOBOOTH pictures here.

DerksWorks Photobooth Chris & Danielle 2016-0501_002 DerksWorks Photobooth Chris & Danielle 2016-0501_003 DerksWorks Photobooth Chris & Danielle 2016-0501_004 DerksWorks Photobooth Chris & Danielle 2016-0501_005 DerksWorks Photobooth Chris & Danielle 2016-0501_006 DerksWorks Photobooth Chris & Danielle 2016-0501_007 DerksWorks Photobooth Chris & Danielle 2016-0501_008 DerksWorks Photobooth Chris & Danielle 2016-0501_009 DerksWorks Photobooth Chris & Danielle 2016-0501_010 DerksWorks Photobooth Chris & Danielle 2016-0501_011 DerksWorks Photobooth Chris & Danielle 2016-0501_012 DerksWorks Photobooth Chris & Danielle 2016-0501_013 DerksWorks Photobooth Chris & Danielle 2016-0501_014 DerksWorks Photobooth Chris & Danielle 2016-0501_015 DerksWorks Photobooth Chris & Danielle 2016-0501_016 DerksWorks Photobooth Chris & Danielle 2016-0501_017 DerksWorks Photobooth Chris & Danielle 2016-0501_018 DerksWorks Photobooth Chris & Danielle 2016-0501_019 DerksWorks Photobooth Chris & Danielle 2016-0501_020 DerksWorks Photobooth Chris & Danielle 2016-0501_021 DerksWorks Photobooth Chris & Danielle 2016-0501_022 DerksWorks Photobooth Chris & Danielle 2016-0501_023 DerksWorks Photobooth Chris & Danielle 2016-0501_024

More Sessions Added – 2015 Fall Mini Session


Hurray! We just added MORE photo sessions to this year’s fall mini session! This is a great opportunity to have a quick photo session and create awesome images with our principle photographer Benjamin Derkin! Whether you are looking to capture your family for holiday cards and gifts, update the family photo wall or snag a mini engagement or maternity session, this is your opportunity!

Our Sessions will be held 10.11.15 with a rain date of 10.18.15. Each session is only $210 and includes 30-40 final images, full edited with the full printing rights!

If you have any questions or are interested please contact us here to snag your spot!

  1. Sarah Perez

    Hey cuz! Wondering where these are being held, and if you would do a mini session up here in Toledo some time? I would def be interested!! Hope everything is well!! Xoxoxo sarah

Studio 543 \\ Photo Narrative

Derk's Works-Photo Narrative Studio 54320141105_001

The Photo Narrative is a project near and dear to our hearts. Photo Narrative is a series of images and interviews that share a story about people who work on something inspired from their heart and do so with passion and joy! Today we have the privilege to introduce you to some amazing, strong, beautiful women and a studio that unites them.

Derk's Works-Photo Narrative Studio 54320141105_002

Kristina (co-owner of Studio 543 Yoga Inferno, you definitely need to check them out), Maria (all around awesome friend, free spirit, crazy talented and creative individual and yoga instructor) and Jackie (dear friend, kind heart and yoga enthusiast) joined us for a shoot to tell their story as well as model some wonderful yoga equipment from Zen Active (be sure to check their products out as well).

Derk's Works-Photo Narrative Studio 54320141105_004Derk's Works-Photo Narrative Studio 54320141105_003 Derk's Works-Photo Narrative Studio 54320141105_005 Derk's Works-Photo Narrative Studio 54320141105_006

Meet Kristina, she is the biggest neat freak you’ve ever seen. Also, Kristina and her sister Natasha are the heart and soul of Studio 543 Yoga Inferno. It has been our pleasure to get to know Kristina and share a little of her amazing spirit and fervor with you.

Derk's Works-Photo Narrative Studio 54320141105_007

Q: Who are you? (Not just your name, rather, how would your soul describe you?)
A: My name is Kristina. My soul would describe me as someone that would go to the end of the earth for answers. I am very much a question asker.

Q: What do you do?
A: I just opened a hot yoga studio with my sister Natasha (aka Sissy)

Q: Why are you doing this?
A: I asked myself if there was one thing I could do every day for the rest of my life, what would it be…and this was my answer!

Q: What is your favorite band?
A: There are so many, but, I love Florence and the Machine.

Q: What are you reading right now?
A: Are you there, Vodka? It’s me Chelsea. She is hysterical.

Q: What’s the next movie you really want to see?
A: I haven’t had time to watch much TV. Lately, so I don’t even know what is out, but my husband always finds something interesting for us on Netflix.

Derk's Works-Photo Narrative Studio 54320141105_008

Q: Who inspires you?
A: My husband. He has a kind heart; I don’t think he has a bad bone in his body. My parents. They are honestly the hardest working people I have ever met in my life, I would be lost without them and my sister, she has 4 kids, I don’t know how she keeps it together!

Q: How can people follow you pursuing your passion?
A: On and Instagram @Studio543yogainferno

Q: How can people engage or participate in this passion?
A: They can come in for classes! Check out our schedule on our website

Q: If you had something you could ask for (doesn’t matter how crazy), what would it be?
A: I love shoes so I would go crazy and have a house filled with shoes…expensive shoes! I would also travel the world.

Q: What is something super-awesome that you can do that not too many people know about?
A: I can curl my eyelashes without looking in the mirror. I do them both at the same time. When my nieces watch me do it they tell me I look crazy!

Derk's Works-Photo Narrative Studio 54320141105_009

Q: What’s next for Studio 543 and what is your biggest dream for 2014?
A: We hope that Studio 543 continues to grow, we have had a great first month and we hope to continue to share our passion with the community! We love what we do and we hope that reaches as many people as possible.

Q: Behind any high expectation for success is an equal fear of failure. Courage is refusing to let the fear stop you. What inspires your brightest courage?
A: Not letting fear get in the way of your dreams. You have to follow your heart. If you are passionate about something you have to go for it no matter what, everything else will fall into place!

Derk's Works-Photo Narrative Studio 54320141105_010 Derk's Works-Photo Narrative Studio 54320141105_011 Derk's Works-Photo Narrative Studio 54320141105_012 Derk's Works-Photo Narrative Studio 54320141105_013 Derk's Works-Photo Narrative Studio 54320141105_014 Derk's Works-Photo Narrative Studio 54320141105_015

Meet Maria, she seriously has the most amazing curly hair you’ve ever seen. (I am constantly jealous of her locks) Maria is also an amazing instructor at Studio 543. It has been our pleasure to get to know her as a successful woman and dear friend, and to share her beautiful/amazing spirit and fervor with you.

Derk's Works-Photo Narrative Studio 54320141105_016

Q: Who are you? (Not just your name, rather, how would your soul describe you?)
A: All in all, I’m just trying to have a good time.

Q: What do you do?
A: I’m a Copy Director for an advertising agency and a registered yoga instructor.

Q: Why are you doing this?
A: I’m doing this because I love new experiences and it pushes me out of my comfort zone.

Q: What is your favorite band?
A: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Q: What are you reading right now?
A: Creativity Inc. by Ed Catmull

Q: What’s the next movie you really want to see?
A: Is it bad that I have no idea? I don’t have a TV so I don’t really ever know what’s going on.

Q: Who inspires you?
A: people who are free, people who can forgive, people who can cook really well without recipes

Q: How can people follow you pursuing your passion?
A: well that’s a fun question! By coming to my class, of course. You can also literally follow me @mariaiannarino and you’ll get a good idea of what I’m about.

Derk's Works-Photo Narrative Studio 54320141105_017

Q: How can people engage or participate in this passion.
A: By rolling out the mat—we’re all connected and every time we practice, together or apart, we are one. It helps is remember that “we” is better that “I” and that there is nothing else but love.

Q: If you had something you could ask for (doesn’t matter how crazy), what would it be?
A: A transportation device that allowed me to travel anywhere in a second. Or a hair de-frizzer. Or a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream

Derk's Works-Photo Narrative Studio 54320141105_018

Q: What is something super-awesome that you can do that not too many people know about?
A: I’m a really good kisser, but I’m a prude so no one knows.

Q: What’s next for you and what is your biggest dream for 2014?
A: you know, I’ve already accomplished most of my dreams for this year. I wanted the last year of my twenties to be filled with moving forward. So I got my yoga teacher training, went to Jamaica, got promoted, and paid off my car. I have an awesome job at an ad agency and as a yoga teacher. the only thing left is finding love. So I guess it’s that. My biggest dream is to be in love.

Q: Behind any high expectation for success is an equal fear of failure. Courage is refusing to let the fear stop you. What inspires your brightest courage?
A: Knowing that the one who has always been, who has seen much worse that this, is still here.

Derk's Works-Photo Narrative Studio 54320141105_019

Meet Jackie (@jacalish). She is a designer, an observer and one of the kindest souls you will ever meet! I am proud to call her my friend.

Derk's Works-Photo Narrative Studio 54320141105_020 Derk's Works-Photo Narrative Studio 54320141105_021 Derk's Works-Photo Narrative Studio 54320141105_022 Derk's Works-Photo Narrative Studio 54320141105_023 Derk's Works-Photo Narrative Studio 54320141105_024

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us! We think you are awesome in every way and love sharing your brilliance with others.

Derk's Works-Photo Narrative Studio 54320141105_025

Mary Ellen & Ben \\ Photobooth

Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20141014_0004

Amazing-Awesome & Oh-So-Fun Party in Columbus, OH. Check out more AWESOME photos here!

Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20141014_0001 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20141014_0002 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20141014_0003 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20141014_0007 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20141014_0008 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20141014_0009 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20141014_0010 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20141014_0011 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20141014_0012 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20141014_0013  Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20141014_0015 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20141014_0016 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20141014_0017 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20141014_0018 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20141014_0019 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20141014_0020 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20141014_0021 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20141014_0022 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20141014_0023 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20141014_0024 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20141014_0025 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20141014_0026 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20141014_0027 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20141014_0028 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20141014_0029 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20141014_0030 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20141014_0031 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20141014_0033 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20141014_0034 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20141014_0035 Derks Works - Awesome Photography 20141014_0037


November 2012 – Columbus, Ohio