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Ram & Dana – Engaged

Session Location // The Columbus Museum of Art

  1. Lori Stansbury

    Love these pictures of our daughter and Ram. Well done at capturing their love

Holiday Book Sale

We are so excited to share with you our Holiday Book Sales is available now until 11.26.18! This is your opportunity to create and order books from your Derk’s Work images from your wedding, engagement session, family session and more! Save up to $375 on books and albums!

Create a keepsake for your family for years to come this holiday season! Gift cards are also available upon request. To see the details of the sale and to order your book send us a message here.

Our Classic Coffee Table book has been one of our favorite ways to display a complete collection of images since we started this business in 2008. Featuring one image per page, it takes you through the joy and detail of your every emotion, letting each image speak for itself while effortlessly flowing into a larger body of work. Each solo book contains up to four hundred images that you select yourself to represent your favorite aspects of your wedding.

The Classic Coffee Table Book comes both in the standard twelve by twelve inch size as well as a smaller seven by seven inch book. The classic size also come in a complete two volume book set, containing all of the images from your wedding day, flowing chronologically, highlighting each nuance of your day with care.

 The Heritage Album was born out of a desire to design and craft a book that can be passed down for generations as a testimony of your love. Each page is made from a warp resistant substrate carefully bound and covered in either high quality linen or leather. Our Heritage Album is twelve inches by twelve inches and comes standard with twenty-five spreads to carefully tell your story.

The Small Heritage Album is eight inches by eight inches and is perfect for any collection from your wedding to engagement photos to parent albums.


Andrew & Allison – Engaged

We love photographing a couple’s engagement session in their city. For Andrew and Allison that’s Seattle, WA. The ease, love and joy they share as a couple paired with the essence of Seattle, the breeze of off the water and coziness of the autumn skies made this session a favorite! We can’t wait for your wedding this January!


Tim & Victoria – Engaged

Tim & Victoria, Engagement Session – Columbus, OH

  1. qmb

    very nice, wow

Jeff & Sarah – Engaged

Engagement Session // Wolf’s Ridge Brewery & Scioto Mile, downtown Columbus, Ohio




Jordan & Alexis – Engaged

Engagement Session // Wolfe Park & Franklin Park Conservatory

Attire // Homage




Corbin & Jacqueline – Engaged

Engagement Session – Downtown Columbus, Ohio

Pins Mechanical // Downtown Columbus, Ohio



Sam & Madison – ENGAGED

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  1. Madison

    Derk’s Works. Now they know how to capture a moment. So grateful for these special captured moments!

Remember This Moment // Proposal Photography

DerksWorks20160722-002 DerksWorks20130815-110For many of our clients, we have had the opportunity to capture their relationship from the beginning through photography. Engagement sessions, the walk down the aisle, even watching their family grow and photographing the evolution of their love is one of our favorite things.

Sometimes, we even get to be a part of the moment where the rest of forever begins. We LOVE proposal shoots as they are full of surprise and unexpected emotion. These rare and special moments are fun to witness and we are honored when a client asks us to join them on that day.

DerksWorks20160430-024DerksWorks20160617-011 DerksWorks20160617-012

One reason our past clients loved the idea of having a photographer at their proposal is because they knew they wanted to be able to look back on this special day.

First it starts with the planning. “The usual: ring shopping, talking to her dad months in advance, deciding on the time, place, and method. I chose the upper peninsula of Michigan because it is one of her favorite places and proposing during a routine ‘couple’s photo shoot,’ she wouldn’t see it coming.” Paul, a Derk’s Works groom, thought of every detail. “The best part of preparation for proposing was the intrigue. Early in our dating, we had an agreement that I had the right to not tell her the truth if she asked me poignant questions about proposing.” Coordinating the proposal with Paul was half the excitement of their special day.

DerksWorks20160617-007 DerksWorks20160722-003DerksWorks20130815-103

Though Paul had a vision of what he wanted his day to look like, some grooms come with the goal and we help with the details. “Benjamin was phenomenal. He made my experience so easy and comfortable… He was helpful and a great guide [for] ideas and thoughts. He’s a true professional in every sense of the word. He brings so many creative and thoughtful ideas to the table [while honoring] your personal story. I knew I was in the right place speaking openly with him about my family and what [the] proposal meant to me.” Another DW groom, Dillon, brought his enthusiasm and love for his future bride and we helped solidify a plan.

DerksWorks20160430-023 DerksWorks20160617-018 DerksWorks20160617-013 DerksWorks20160430-034

When the time comes to get down on one knee, we know that we can expect lots of love, sometimes tears, and smiles all around. Stephanie, a DW bride, was so excited when she found out her, at the time, boyfriend, thought to have the moment photographed. “It showed me how excited [Paul] was about marrying me. It made me feel incredibly special that my fiancé wanted that moment to be something neither of us would forget. The images taken at our proposal are a beautiful reminder of the beginning of our marriage journey, and when I look at them they remind me of the joy and appreciation our marriage is built upon.”

DerksWorks20130815-104 DerksWorks20130815-116 DerksWorks20160722-004The images that we take of this special moment are a visual representation of the love that two people share. We are honored when we get to be a part of a proposal. Everything it represents: love, relationship, commitment, and intimacy. All of those things our “bread and butter.”

If you are planning on popping the question, we would love to help you remember that day forever. Let us know if we can help.


Thank you to our dear clients, Paul, Stephanie, and Dillon for sharing their Derk’s Works stories.


Spencer & Heather – ENGAGED

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