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Lookin’ Good \\ Derk’s Works PHOTOBOOTH

DerksWorks20150808-081 Derks Works Photography Photobooth Dessi & Ryan_019DerksWorks20150718-079

Who doesn’t love a good photo booth? At Derk’s Works, we offer a one-of-a-kind PHOTOBOOTHing experience. We love bringing our booth and props to weddings because it puts your guests in the spotlight. We capture their individual personalities and the images embody some of the most iconic moments of the night.

DerksWorks20150912-083 DerksWorks20150912-085 DerksWorks20141220-075

In case you aren’t convinced, here are 5 more reasons to party with us in the booth:


1. We let down our walls.

DerksWorks20140927-068Our PHOTOBOOTH not only provides entertainment for those in front of the lens, but groups gather around your guests as they do their thing in the spotlight. Because our booth is an open backdrop, it creates more room for interaction and large groups of party people to strike a pose while entertaining the crowd.


2. You get the V.I.P. treatment.

DerksWorks20140927-072Many booths offer a automatic, stationary camera for guests inside the booth. The Derk’s Works PHOTOBOOTH comes with a real-life photographer. Having someone behind the camera allows us to capture the movement and energy of your guests without limiting them to a restricted angle. Our photographer knows how to engage your guests to be sure your images are dynamic, without sacrificing quality.


3. We customize your props.

Derks Works Photography Photobooth Dessi & Ryan_002 Derks Works Photography Photobooth Dessi & Ryan_001DerksWorks20150808-082Who doesn’t love giant masks of their cat? We bring everything you will need in the PHOTOBOOTH. This means, if you need larger than life sized baby faces of the bride and groom, we will make it happen.


4. Your images come perfected.

DerksWorks20140927-070 DerksWorks20140713-066Unlike other photo booths, the Derk’s Works PHOTOBOOTH images come cropped and edited. Every image will be tweaked to make sure your guests look their best. All images will be available the week following your wedding.


5. You get unlimited shots and downloads.

DerksWorks20140713-063 DerksWorks20140713-062 DerksWorks20140607-077 DerksWorks20140607-060Lots of party people? No problem. Your PHOTOBOOTH experience comes with unlimited shots during your time of coverage. Don’t worry about restricting your guests to a time or two in the booth. It’s theirs all night so they can feel free to let loose, as many times as they please. Like we said, the images will be posted the week following the wedding. You can share the gallery and every guest will have access to download their captured memories.


We might be biased, but our PHOTOBOOTH is a pretty fun time. It adds an indispensable element to your big day that your guests won’t soon forget.

Derks Works Photography Photobooth Dessi & Ryan_024

Wedding DIY – The Flowerman

DerksWorks-flowerman blog0575 DerksWorks-flowerman blog0579

Planning a wedding is something a bride and groom often look forward to. Infusing your personalities into each moment can be a way to create style and tradition as a couple. Sometimes though, the thought of “doing it yourself” can be a bit overwhelming. Balancing personal touches with expert advise can be tricky.

Fortunately, companies like The Flowerman exist.

DerksWorks-flowerman blog0569DerksWorks-flowerman blog0568

If you haven’t heard of them, The Flowerman is Columbus’ family-owned “do-it-yourself florist.” They create the ultimate flower experience guided by trained professionals who know their buds.

Once you have a date, venue, and general guest count, a “floral coach” will meet you to talk all things design. Hand-selecting flowers and greenery that perfectly embody the aroma of your wedding, your coach helps make recommendations regarding different varieties and embellishments for arrangements. You, as the bride and groom, have complete design control. Whether formal, causal, whimsical, or traditional, you express your vision and your coach is there to bring it to fruition.

DerksWorks-flowerman blog0573 DerksWorks-flowerman blog0577 DerksWorks-flowerman blog0576

A day or two before your wedding, the fun happens. You and your closest friends become florists for a day (don’t worry, no experience necessary). With all the supplies you need, your coach is there to walk you through construction of your arrangements.

Feel free to bring drinks and treats because this process is a pre-wedding party.

Something else we love about The Flowerman is their determination to serve brides with excellence, regardless of budget. Using only fresh, wedding-grade products, you not only enjoy an enhanced floral experience, but leave knowing you have the absolute best flowers for your absolute best day.

DerksWorks-flowerman blog0585 DerksWorks-flowerman blog0583 DerksWorks-flowerman blog0581 DerksWorks-flowerman blog0582

To learn more about The Flowerman, including DIY packages and full-service + pre-order options, visit them here bunch of floral professionals are waiting to make your topiary dreams come true.

Special thanks to Erin of The Flowerman for all of her helpful information.

*All of these Derk’s Works images feature floral works of The Flowerman.







Casually Tailored \\ Columbus Fashion Stylist

A man’s guide to looking his “wedding best,” from Columbus fashion stylist, Chad, at Casually Tailored:

DerksWorks Photography Chad & Leah_08 columbus fashion stylist DerksWorks Photography Chad & Leah_07 columbus fashion stylist

All right fellas you RSVP’d “yes” to a wedding, now what do you do? You better start thinking about what you’re going to wear if you ask me. Planning a sharp look takes time and is a thoroughly thought out process. The funny thing is, you are normally told how to dress on the invitation, so half of the work is already done for you. Now it’s your turn to knock it out of the park and not look like you ran to the mall the night before.

DerksWorks Photography Chad & Leah_10 columbus fashion stylist

Lets start with the dress code. If you are invited to a black tie wedding you better bring your “A” game and channel your inner James Bond. A black tuxedo is the gentleman staple for these types of weddings. If you view yourself as someone who is a little fashion forward, a blue tuxedo has been called the new black tie attire in the fashion world. Either way, pairing your tuxedo of choice with a crisp white shirt and black tie or bow tie will surely turn heads. The key to tying everything together is to make sure your tuxedo is tailored to your specific body type. Unless you get a made-to-measure tuxedo, you should make sure you make a trip to your local tailor. Getting your tuxedo tailored is just as important as choosing the tux.

mens formal collection

A formal wedding is just as step below a black tie wedding, so looking your best is nearly as important. A suit or tuxedo is still going to be required but you can have the choice of a few more colors. Make sure you keep it on the darker side. Black, grey, and navy are all appropriate colors for a formal wedding. That goes for your shirt and tie combos as well; keep it clean and simple you will be good.

semi formal collection

If you are attending a beach formal wedding just think of a Hawaiian wedding. Linen and cotton are going to be your best friends here since they are both breathable fabrics. A light colored linen suit with a clean white crew neck tee shirt or linen shirt would be perfect. A tie is optional, but if you decided to wear one, try to stay away from silk and, again, go with a linen or cotton.

mens beach collection

Last but not least is a casual wedding. A casual wedding doesn’t mean you can wear shorts, a tee shirt, and sneakers. It just means you do not need to be as “prim and proper” as you would at a formal wedding. At the very least you should wear a nice pair of chinos (a pair of trousers made from chino cloth) or darker jeans with a good pair of dress shoes. A clean, dressier polo or a pattern dress shirt will look nice, but not overdressed.

casual mens collection

Take these tips and you will stand out for all the right reasons.

DerksWorks Photography Chad & Leah_35 columbus fashion stylist

Special thanks to Chad, Columbus fashion stylist, from Casually Tailored for his expert tips and for looking fly on his wedding day.

Wedding Playlist \\ Picking The Right Music

 DerksWorks-picking your playlist blog0558indian wedding music dancingDerksWorks-picking your playlist blog0563 DerksWorks-picking your playlist blog0562

We’ve all been to a wedding that was beautiful, full of life and great conversation, the food was fantastic, and the cake spectacular but the second the DJ told you to hit the dance floor, you could feel the room deflate because he decided to start the night off with a song possessing the energetic equivalent of a soggy pancake.

With so many psychedelic, make-you-shake-bust-a-move options, we thought we would create a guide to making a playlist that will make your guests party.

(Start like this… not like this…)

DerksWorks-picking your playlist blog0564Derks Works Photography Asa and Katie_056

People love group dances.

No matter how many times they are played, the group dance classics will get all of the people on the dance floor. Whether you like to slide or whip, getting a group to cut a rug together always breaks the party ice. Benjamin, also known as @derksworks, can be regularly found in the middle of a dance circle capturing action shots of your group’s best moves. His dad-dancin’ brings the party and his picture snappin’ brings the best music memories.

2016-0319 Derks Works Wedding Photography Andy & Marci_046

Bring back the oldies.

This term is likely relative. Oldies can mean songs you listened to in college, music your parents played when you were younger, tracks you choreographed dances to and performed for your mom in middle school. Asking your guests to include an “oldie” they’d like to hear on their RSVP could be a special touch. If you happen to play Bob Dylan or Johnny Cash, we promise to hit the dance floor with you.

DerksWorks-picking your playlist blog0555

Throw in some ‘you’.

This is your day so if you want to play Ke$ha, you play her. If you are All About That Bass, add it to the list. Throw in the song the two of you first danced to or the one that played on the drive to your family’s house last Christmas. Add songs you have had epic rap battles to (we know you win every time). This can also be a time to slow it down. Slow dancin’ is a must, so don’t be afraid to play a Mumford Ballad.

DerksWorks-picking your playlist blog0556DerksWorks-picking your playlist blog0557

Close it with a classic.

One word: Whitney. This is the perfect moment for your guests to close out the night by showing off their perfect pitch. I Wanna Dance With Somebody might be the best choice because it has an infinite amount of key changes. If this isn’t for you though, that’s ok. Benjamin isn’t a fan either. But if you want to see Jennifer (@mrsderksworks) getting down, all you have to do is press play on this one.

Finish the night with a song that everyone knows, ending the party on the highest note possible (literally).

DerksWorks-picking your playlist blog0560

We aren’t playlist experts but we have been to some weddings. Music really can set the tone of your reception. Both you and your guests should enjoy the music and feel free to let loose. Need a suggestion for a great band or DJ in Columbus? Ask us! We know some great ones.

If you are loving these tips and are thinking, “I wish there was a Derk’s Works playlist I could jam to right this minute,” well you’re in luck. We went ahead a made one just for you with some of our everyday favorites. So turn it up and get to groovin’. Check out some DW good time jams here.

DerksWorks-picking your playlist blog0561

On Location \\ Where To Take Your Engagement Photos



Remember your first date? What about your favorite restaurant?



When couples ask us where we should shoot their engagement session, we ask questions. We won’t tell you where you should go because we believe your location should say something about the two of you. And who knows the two of you better than, well, the two of you?

We want your images to capture your love, your quirk, your passion, your “you.”


Though we won’t pick for you, we also won’t leave you hanging if you can’t seem to narrow it down to a specific place. With that in mind, here are some things to consider:

  • Where did you meet?
  • Where was your first date?
  • Where did you have your first kiss?
  • Where did you say “I love you” for the first time?
  • Where did you get engaged?
  • What is your favorite hang-out?
  • Do you share a passion?

Did something special happen at a special place like a(n):

  • Amusement park
  • Coffee shop
  • Bar/restaurant
  • Library/book store
  • Farmer’s market
  • Museum
  • Park

If you’re still stumped, think of some words that describe you:

  • Relaxed
  • Edgy
  • Outdoorsy
  • Eccentric
  • Reserved
  • Social
  • Bubbly
  • Modern
  • Classic
  • Rustic

We are always happy to make suggestions after you have considered these ideas. No matter the location though, we are excited to capture your relationship through narrative photography. This season of engagement is a time of “no longer” and “not yet.” It’s a moment in your relationship, it seems, where you can dream, know, and plan a life with each other. Capturing this time is exciting, personal, and deeply meaningful; similarly, picking a place to remember these days is something beautiful and special in and of itself.

Project_engagementblog61620141028_0006 city engagement photography Project_engagementblog61620130427_0002Project_engagementblog61620141028_0005

Celebrating Mom


We love mom.

A day, really, is not enough to express the value in her devotion, hard work, her healing touch when we fall. She labors for us. She works and loves and cries for us. She supports our ideas, even when they don’t seem worth supporting. Mothers do all of these things because they are believers in who we are and what we are capable of becoming.


Your wedding day arrives. She watches you, taking in who you have become, admiring the bond you have and will continue to share as you enter married life, parenthood, and times in between and after. She reflects on your first steps, when she taught you to cook, when your heart broke and she held you when you cried. She thinks about the first time you defended your morals, the first time you fought for what was right. You walk down the aisle and she’s there, peering from the front row, glassy eyes and a smile of admiration, her hands crossed in front of her. She cries because she is filled to the brim with love as you continue to bring her constant joy.


But no, mom. The joy is ours.


To all of our mothers:

Thank you for your love. Thank you for patience and resilience; for making hard decisions. Thank you for constantly fighting for what is right and for justice in our lives when we knew no better. Thank you for you, today and forever.


Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. We love you.